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That was the brevard probably went distance because she running that weapons of mass destruction call levada do do knows i don't know what his story is what is deal is like ribs at all attention isn't isn't good attention attention is not good at attention it depends on what the person's goal is at the end of the day you know if you if you would somebody who who wants to be with you he gonna show you this potential you need if you wasn't my who's trying to you know have sex what you he different type of attention so you who know knows what people's doing and most dues if they want sex they'll show you they going to show you that upfront just listen to the conversation trust me that's that's some gyms right there for if they just want sex you going to know if you listen to their conversation talk from experience go ahead expound on with us in earlier ladies that are listening and i hate to be this guy you're gonna call me a turncoat with this instagram now they're gonna tell you how they're different in what you should be the woman women are going to be stupid shit and fall forward you're going to them and then you know what you're gonna be doing later he was just like the other heave they'll tell you what they wanted they owed my god this guy's different look at his thinking we're gonna start process looking at videos you going to be with that man turn out to be just like every other guy you've picked.

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