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Dead in a car seat in bellflower behind a mortuary Alexander Etcheverry Etcheveria. They say his, his family says that he suffers from depression, and that his family had been worried about his safety and the welfare of her of his daughter. She was found this morning in a car. Seat covered by a blank. I don't know if this is a sign of things to come, but there was a quick brushfire. You heard Monica mentioned this right up on the fourteen at golden valley road in Santa Clarita in area there where the freeway and the homes are separated by a sound wall big, you know, cinderblock sound wall that they were able to use that as one way to stop the fire, but could have been much worse. Oakland could become the second city in the country to decriminalize certain psychedelics. That makes perfect sense. Doesn't it like magic mushrooms, and they're saying that they want the Bill, the, the plan that would go before the city council's public safety committee tonight. Would apply only to psychedelics that come from plants or fun guy. Not synthetics like LSD, or Molly. Oh, okay. Well, that's fine. Then I guess it was really is that, okay? Is this a major issue up there? Like, what's the point of this? Or is this is this what they were saying when they wanted to stop the marijuana legalization thing that is a slippery slope a gateway drug as it were. Well, there is a okay marijuana. Then you're gonna. Okay, other things, there have been studies that show that microdosing some of these psychedelics and bad. No, no. I can help things like PTSD and anxiety ever. Do mushrooms. No. Okay. That's not what that does not mean microdosing not, not, not your recreational. Go out and have the eight Blake can I get some psychedelic music? Just throw me up on the computer. And I'll see if I can find some psychedelic.

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