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At least here in oakland some places have done very well in the mega ship era in general the trend among ports has been increasing centralisation so imagine a map of the world would lines connecting different ports and the thickness of the line represent how much stuff gets shipped along that route in the pre container days there'd be lots of skinny lines going all over the place as containerization to colder 1970s and leader china entered the wto in the nineties the lines connecting china to a few ports on the west coast get really fat swallowing up other trade routes the we played out in the us is that the same pedro bay which is where the competing but connected ports of long beach los angeles are located begin to dominate everyone in 2015 for example these two ports handled seventy eight percent of the import containers along the west coast and for all the west coast ports sixty two percent of imports came from china dinner fifty percent of all the import trade from asia to the west coast is just running back and forth from san pedro bay to china ended up talking all this over in a conversation with tim wong a berkeley educated lawyer and local polymath who published the container guida wonderful little book on the shipping industry disguised as a dockside companion to spotting boxes imports as in ships he said everything has become a lot size and efficiency can you get big enough to stay alive and keep your whole mirror time business ecosystem healthy oakland was able to survive for a period of time bask technology gets better.

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