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This week's bird's eye view include a short conversation. I had with fellow fan. He lives in belgium. His name is unique. We struck up a conversation by way of email and he mentioned something in his email. That got me thinking. And i thought you know what maybe i'll include a little bit of this conversation for a bird's eye view so here's my conversation with unique. I wasn't expecting get answers so quickly. So i've also been listening to podcasts for years unique. I will tell you that and i'm do. Is that right. Unique i am. I saying that is good. Yeah when i got your email. I thought you know this is actually this. Got me thinking. And i wonder if there would be some benefit to hashing out a couple of these ideas voice to voice. So i originally read. Game of thrones for the first time after season two released. And i could not wait any more. Read the books I was about twenty at the time. I think i was just looking at the books with a very different mindsets Maybe a bit more classic masculinity. Let's say that the cool characters are john's snow syrian. You know syrian. Because he's smart and witty or a fighting baddest and maybe i mean i thought about this later on that i gave characters like gabin sansa even less of a chance because i felt like they're not coup on the surface there. Just why are they not giving rob a pov chat. Why wise it caitland then. Now that Eight years later I've also married in the time. And i've talked to my wife a lot. About game of thrones about these characters and she actually asked me how come you. How come these your favorite characters. Have you ever thought about her. Yeah and then. I was like i'll give it a chance. And ah i was also much more open to the world. Because i'd also in watching a lot of game of reading lotta theories and i really saw. How good especially the cape chaplains were and how interesting I understood how the world was working like how she manipulates the phrase or ouchi for instance that she knows how to talk to them to have a good wedding relationships so funny to have this mindset which that turn into my more favorite garriga. Well i had a question about this. And i'm glad you brought sort of the masculinity thing into it because that's where i wanted to go with it. No you said that you. I read these books when you're around twenty and it's almost a decade later right almost later. Yeah almost a decade later. And you're older. And you're wiser. And and i think so. Here's my question. And i and i'm interested in it because i've explored this in my own life as well and i wonder if there is some sort of thing about your relationship to your own masculinity that hindered you from liking these female characters early on and so now that you can look back and reflect on that yeah. I don't wanna say. Wanna say massage. Any but i just wanna ask like is. Is there something there. That's worth critiquing. I think that many. Let's say what role models and. I think that there's a lot of mutable models out there and i think me as a teenager it was never like oh there could also be female role model to look up to It's just a small mindset change like oh wouldn't it be interesting to have a woman as a role model than a man isn't it. Isn't it odd that it takes longer learn these lessons. It's so obvious. In retrospect right. Yeah yeah very special and it also took me to get married because i. it's also because of the person i married because she's Let's say she's more vocal in these things that i started to think about it more at least had to. I'm glad we're talking about this. Because i felt like i didn't like sonza at all And i think. In retrospect i can appreciate her in a different way but i felt like for me. She was just so horrible to two aria. Definitely that i didn't really of give credit to her her own sort of survival techniques. So you said that you didn't like sauna early on but now you're appreciating her differently now. I think i've seen a different kind of graveness. You know. I think are really. Has this brave news. Hey i'm going to go out. And i'm gonna stab you while johnson needs to learn how to survive in her own way so she's got so got. It made use of different tools. That she has i feel like and this is sort of a self critique here you know me saying that i love aria and then i i hated sandra early on i think for me. I think i might have used that as a shield to say. No i don't like. I don't dislike sandra be because of her gender because of course i love rem but then quit then. There's that additional thing of like. Well i do. I love aria because she presents with more masculine characteristics. Then signs it. I mean to me that made her more interesting. And then of course then. The question is a. Why do i find those characteristics. Just exactly yeah. That's right that's right. Anyway i thought. Hey here's someone that would be interested in talking that through with me so i appreciate that. Definitely my thanks to unique for that conversation. Just one final note. I wonder if we might be served by reconsidering what we would consider a mayo characteristic or female characteristic so a bit of self critique of the self critique here you never know what's gonna happen when you email me a book at baldwin dot com..

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