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Roof. Holes. Rag rates Allstars for recap here in reality TV wrap ups. Welcome to the court of opinion. That is our HP's coverage group Paul's drag race Allstars the honorable judge might loom presiding. Let's bring in the members of our court. Of course are plaintiff read, welcome Brian. How are you? Hi there. My name is Brent welcome. We'll be doing your impression of like Julie Chen misappropriating the name brand. So it's like two references in one. I love trinity at the end of the drag race episode. She's like, well, you know, maybe I forgot like one word, but Latrice like forgot her whole dams, dick. Okay. All right on with a girl before we get into the where are the jokes of it. All let's move on to the other side of the courtroom are lovely defendant, Liana Boris Liana. How're you doing? Oh my God. I can't believe I'm here. Stoic soy that. That was my terrible accident if I'm gonna be the defendant, though, I'm gonna keep my five hundred dollars from breath to say yes in the five thousand dollars seems to come with each and every case somehow. Yeah, it's all the same. We'll before we get into the mayhem and load of emotions that come out of this episode of Rupe? Holes drag race. I do want to take a step back and discuss something that was talked about last week on our episode three brew tap before we move into episode four specifically now I put out a call to arms at the end. If there were any members of the chew community or the trans community's specifically who wanted to speak about Jesus coverage both on the show and on the podcast proper feel free to voice your opinions. And luckily this week.

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