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But I thought it was the prudent move. I really did. I had no problem yet. I want to see him get first team reps throughout hard knocks and throughout the summer. But I'm not going to bash him now because I was okay with it went down a real time. I hear you might my problem with it is tyrod Taylor was new to this offense. Also, how did he know the tyrod Taylor anew this playbook he'd been there as much as much as maybe a little bit more like two months? More Baker Mayfield. But I mean, he was a guaranteed. There was no there was no I don't love for tyrod Taylor in Cleveland, not from the fan base. Not from the organisation not from his teammates. He doesn't know those guys, maybe socially. He knows them. But here they don't know him as a quarterback. And so for Hugh to come out and be so definitive like there's no chance that Baker Mayfield. And that's basically what he said is going to be our starting quarterback. I thought it was I thought it was blind of him. I thought it was a maybe overprotective especially because you what we were just talking about. He's older, right? He's he's he's he's not a twenty two year old Caterina twenty one year old kid like Sam darnold who has who hasn't hasn't seen enough football. Baker Mayfield is seen a lot of football in two different places in college is a smart kid. You get that just from talking to him and having a conversation with me gets and so just to be so definitive about it. I thought was was was was a bad. Move and he's proving wrong, right? His decision is proven wrong because I think and then I said it before Baker probably going to start from the beginning of the season. He might have had some growing pains. But I think he would have been all right? He's not affected by those things. Certain guys will be affected by baker's not one of those guys, you know, he's you say smart, he's also savvy, and that's that's what we were getting into the first segment if you just tuned in. I mean, you watch him talk about his team, and you know, if you're wired differently. The inclination might be. The man is gonna Cleveland their first win. Please. Because he was up on the podium crew. And you know, he really gave deep. Heartfelt praised the Carlos Hyde was having a baby DoE's birthday that even Michael Irvin was like that's awesome awareness, right there that is really at. It's not fake. It's contrived hotel when somebody says something because they think it's going to sound good. Yeah. You're he came from the heart. He's sensible. It also shows that he is diligent when people aren't looking there's no way you get thrust into a game midway through innocence and play the way he played if you're not working hard cutting up filmed, right and deepen your playbook when nobody's watching. Yeah. They knew he knew where to go with every every single play every throw he knew exactly where he's going. Now. He wasn't one point where you felt like this guy looks like a rookie. And it's weird because he's a rookie. But he didn't look like it. He throws a great book. The jets at a two point conversion pass to Aikman was good. Talking about the different revolutions that certain quarterbacks have. And as a righty thrower is it's the same philosophy like for a Taylor. As the foul line of lefty, bats gonna go toward the left. Field foul line of righty bad is going to tell eventually the right field foul line. But he was saying about because he's very depth going out of the pocket, you know. And when when Baker was flown to the right and he's throwing it to the sidelines. You have to almost anticipate like a golf shot. It's called it's going to come back a little bit right based on the way, you're ripping the football. Just just great football. I mean, the fact that what happened to my team last night was a special night NFL. It was I I agree. It was fun to watch. Yeah. Somewhat. Out side of of course, let me hear from Hugh Roe quick Hugh Jackson on finally getting a win. Here's you. Everybody wants to make this a big moment winning as outstanding..

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