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Yeah. I just want to reiterate it, you know, the main thing basically would Michael said, you know, the main thing I've been looking at the house, and you know, like fivethirtyeight right now as a what is it? Of it thirty three, you know, their projection right now, which you know, before I think it was thirty four so not really much of a change. I mean, everything is kind of moving along. I agree. Obviously the rooms I don't know that's been called yet. But she's very likely gonna lose. And Gil them, you know, and and obviously the the Nelson raise their obviously disappointing, but you know, they did tighten up a little bit. And so I mean they were margin of error races. So wasn't. It's not totally shocking. But obviously disappointing the house that there's still a lot going on in the house. But I mean, it looks like it's pretty much the projections. Among the sixteen out of the eighteen pretty much all come in. True. I don't think any of those people are gonna lose. And you know, they're picking up to in it probably in Virginia the second in the. Seven like you said that the thirty second calling Allred is gonna win. They're totally shocked about that eleven district max rose, Rachel think our name is a bit cofer. She's a poly SCI professor at at. What is Christopher Newport university? She picked that that race. He said that the Democrats are gonna win forty six. So I was very surprised that that I mean things are things are still, you know, looking real totally on track, you know, with a few. I think they actually made go over that total thirty three mean like Carolyn board does by seven forty two percent in in Georgia. And and he's just I think, you know, things overall are pretty good one another surprise Matt long. John up over Fred Upton in Michigan. Six with forty nine percent in with a four point lead. You know, that was way down on people's lists as possible win also Dezsi laundry again on Illinois thirteenth up by nine with forty seven percent over Rodney Davis, the Republican. So you know, I the the sixteenth. This is this is the one thing where there was the outlier poll in Cisco Hannah PA sixteenth that nobody really did on it. But I thought that they were gonna win. I have it. I think never fifty on my on my most notable district and he's up by two point one with seventy seven percent in over Mike Kelly. So, you know, I just think that it's. Yeah. You know, it started out really disappointing. I actually was looking at the numbers for Donnelly. And I kind of like, they know he's not looking so great. But I think it just shows that the divide between the rule areas and the and the the the urban areas are just wider than ever. And you know, the lead the Democrats are doing pretty well in the suburbs. I think they're gonna hit their numbers, you know, or lease kit..

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