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He doesn't share the same respect inside that cage. Age. What that he did growing up? Whether it was sparring with Koto whether his wrestling he's coming in there with very little respect for the game. And there is not a sport in the world, more terrifying. And more demands more respect to mixed martial arts, you could be forty now. And if you decide to fight like an asshole and decide to just play one for one. All right. You might be the most town person world that goes out the window. It's fifty fifty whoever lands. I this over. That's the way. Our sport words. That's what makes it when the greatest if not the greatest sport on earth. However, it's heartbreaking for Gallagher and PICO. It's very heartbreaking. But again, he's twenty two. It's not a chain issue. He got fucking blasted in the face first time we've ever seen get knocked out the first fight. He got choked out. So there's gonna be some learning experience. I think if you look at the glass half full, we're seeing something that could. The over remarkable story with a kid who does have all this talent. And it has the cosign of Freddie, Roach and everybody else in the fight world and the fans guys lost twice now jokes on you guys. He's not that talented, blah, blah, blah, where the fuck you gonna come up with. And it's gonna be fun to see him in this. What I expect from him. If this happens. I don't know. I'd bet my last dollar does happen. You're going to see a kid go from losing to veteran. Henry Kraus who didn't amazing job give him enough credit which about 'em PICO. That's the way it goes sometimes, but you see a kid who lost his first fight to vet bigger guy. All right mass Square Garden base stage in the world. And then you see him fight a guy in handy Corrales. But we're we're we're what we're seeing in our sport is if this is boxing in peco's at finding galley Kenny Krauss till he's thirty six NO at that way class. Fucking PICO has six fights. Maybe how many fights does he have not many. Two four six. He's four foreign two and cook. Crawls Henry cross is a fucking monster, man. No other sport in the world. Would you get thrown to the wolves like this? But that's that's the way it works because we're used to the John Jones. Now, we still the Conor McGregor is where it's fucking zero to one hundred he's seventeen in three. He has twenty five hundred twenty. That's a lifetime of fights. Compared to fuck in six it makes much lurch. And look at the stages. He's been on look at the guys that he's beat..

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