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I haven't recovered from your last episode yet. I know it's ju- to give you nightmares because doing sometimes gives me word worms. Let's say the worm man that were mad really did it for me. You know, what I'm going to give you a sheet of paper. I'm gonna need you to draw that that San where man at during our next break. Yes, I have a blank one right here. So please use your powers we will post that to both Facebook and Twitter on that episode. But yeah, dunes a lot. I know. No. Yeah. So does thinking like what's opposite of dude? Like, a nice lady. Okay. So who what who who is this nice lady who has a so nice today? I'm going to talk about Dorothy Parker and the vicious circle. Who I love that? I've always wanted to know more about Dorothy Parker because she was same. She was like, sesame and smart and had great one liners. Yes. But and was a writer, but that's all I know. Yes. So Dorothy Rothschild was born in eighteen ninety three to Jacob allies Rothschild near long branch, New Jersey, where her parents had a summer beach cottage. They properly moved back to Manhattan within a few weeks. So that she could be raised in the city. You know properly I wouldn't want anything else for my child just before Dorothy fifth birthday in eighteen ninety eight her mother passed away about after that Dorothy wasn't very happy in her in her household her father remarried in one thousand nine hundred Dorothy hated her father, and she accused him of a lot of physical abuse. She also despised her stepmother, whom she refused to call mother or stepmother, but instead referred to whereas the housekeeper wow. From a young age. So she started early. Zolt in Lau. So Dorothy attended a Roman Catholic elementary school on west seventy ninth street with her sister. Helen, even their father was Jewish and their stepmother was Protestant. Well, she didn't really have an evil stepmother for long her stepmother died in nineteen three when Parker was nine. She killer. You know, what you don't know. I don't know. Okay. Well, maybe my head cannon. Dorothy Parker killed her step at nine years old. Parker later attended mistake school which was a finishing school in Morristown New Jersey, and she graduated at age eighteen and nineteen eleven following her father's death in nineteen thirteen. She played piano at a dancing school to earn a living while she worked on her poetry on the side. Oh, Dorothy Rothschild sold her first poem to Vanity Fair magazine in nineteen fourteen. And she was later hired as an editorial system for vogue. And then she moved to entity ferries a staff writer following two years at folk. Yeah. Geez, man. I wish it was that easy. It just always seemed like way back when I think there were like less people or something that people were just like I started out as a secretary. And then I was the. Like what the most influential fashion magazine in the world. Yeah. The planet. Sure. Just writing just writing lay in nineteen seventeen Dorothy, married. A Wall Street stockbroker named Edwin pond. Parker the second, but they were soon separated by his army service during World War One. Apparently Dorothy hit always had ambivalent feelings about her Jewish heritage. And later joked that she married to escape her name. Oh, wow. And the pair actually didn't they were they've split up like very quickly after they were married, but they didn't officially divorced until nineteen twenty eight so more than ten years later while perks crew took off in nineteen eighteen while she was writing theatre criticism for Vanity Fair. She was filling in for PG Wodehouse who was taking a little PTO at the magazine, she first met, Robert Benchley who became a close friend and Robert E Sherwood and the trio began lunching at the Gwen hotel on a near daily basis, and they became founding members of what became known as the outgun roundtable. Right. Yeah. Picture it. Oh, here New York. Nineteen nineteen group that would become the roundtable began meeting as the result of a practical joke carried out by the ask press agent. John Peter TUI, so he was annoyed at the New York Times..

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