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Said you're changing her name here tweaking. The stuff is like pain. No it's to the man behind the curtain. You know i it's it's it's just baffling how they pulled us off. The tray like what is actually ever done to deserve to call up like i like. We talked about the the best. Male resident at the league is benjamin ted. So not sure. If there's just a somebody in the office was like h. She's cute. Bring her up the main rock. But then are you giving up on mandy rose by sending her to 'cause once you go to jeff we don't see a lot of people come back from Is a little bit baffling how all these things lay out in the name changes like recall her knocks because it rhymes with mocks. Like i don't really get that. Like let her have her name. And then the hell. I liked economics. But you can tell me taking more deserving to be called up into kodi like that to me is really crazy so i appreciate them trying to strengthen the women's division because you know outside of the top few women have been you know a little bit lacklustre depth divisions but it just doesn't make sense in it is kinda like about the horrible stuff it literally is like inex- is on its own different universe in time-line than the rest of wwe. It's disrespectful to the fans at That watch it each and every week that you're just supposed to always forget about what they did in annex t Until he until it's convenient it doesn't it doesn't make any sense at all it'd be the same thing. If if they call up carrying cross soon. I like i just feel like once i saw shots. He knocks by the way speaking of carrying cross. I'm mealy thought that like when carrying cross hold up he's just going to be called carrying right like or cross. It's gotta be one of them and that's going to be his name cross vs breaks. Yeah it's it's it's one of those the no surprise daming pretty. Savory obviously got to keep his name. May because vince is like no. we can't call them damian. Damn at the confusing for jake. The snake roberts. Snake damian is okay call me damien be hansa blackheart. You know it's it's just the thing like shotsie ember. Were such a great tag team. It really truly were and you have shots debut and leaves her tag team partner behind to tied with knox with no background or story whatsoever. Like why are we doing this by the way. I'm waiting there for them to start smelling shotsie like they spill biggie. Lighter name is literally shot the dot dash with an eye. Though for no reason your way back you make ricochet irish and column rick use for. I'm i'm sticking with joke because literally they call them that on a down down. I i think the best still is. You know it was. At three weeks of vignettes hyping teague knox return she finally returns at the great american bash to have the payoff to get revenge against kansas. The ray three days later on smackdown. There's no follow up the following week on on the next day. And she's got it she's gone like basically vince came in and said fuck. You van a aaa cheer. This is done. i'm taking her. I don't care like at least. They followed up. The indy hartwell dexter room stuff. And i thought that was dead for awhile. I thought lewis is getting like. I was actually just thinking about that. I was thinking it's funny. How you bring that up. Because i was thinking like man. I haven't seen decks alumnus on television a long time. And the whole andy hartwell thing in pop you know. He finally pops up then. The other one was bobby fish. Like bobby fish was was going. After pete done and only larkin. They're going to have a match. And then like i think the match there's going to be a follow up. There was a vignette with him. Like kicking a punching bag. And i'm coming for you. And he disappeared for four weeks and then pops up against diamond mine. So yeah it's just bizarre it tr- we just need more undisputed era guys from registered era guys with one another i guess in annex taste so it's disappointing ultimately like happy for the wrestlers but we're just disappointing that the execution because if you're like out to train i and you invest all this time where you're watching mondays. You're watching tuesday's you're watching friday's for the wb products. Then you watch somebody. From the tuesday product goto the friday product. And you completely forget about the entire history and past of the rest on tuesday products. Like why the hell am. I watching like ultimately it's like. Why do i watch like especially when annex t and i know it doesn't show this viewership to me longtime wrestling fan. One of their best brands if not the best brand year-in-year-out is nfc. It's like its most exciting. Most energy most fun. And we don't give a shit when they leave annexed and you just blow it all up. It's just bizarre really bizarre such. Wbz thing to do you hate it. Like i feel like when we look back in time we're gonna find out according to reports. I mean we talked about recently that they were going to go down the pc. That vince wanted more. Fresh new blood on the ross wanted swap. Some people out. Like i don't think the end of it like i think you're going to see some stars from ron smackdown. Make the way to annex seed. You're gonna see similar now in the mail brands. As well like i'm expecting carrying cross and bronson read in the next month or two to be on raw smackdown like that's that's my expectation at this point and you may see some names. That are recognizable. Like a mandy rose on raw come over tannock see get a little bit more play than they were getting on raw smackdown each week but then again in I think two and a half months. The draft is coming crazy theory here. But why don't you have raw smackdown and all involved. And not just ron smackdown and do all that shit. Then it's shocking crazy. That's a part like we just go from like excitement. Fans are back to. Here's the shitty booking like it always goes back to that like no rhyme. No reason completely forget about it. Be happy for the rest of the for. Forget about everything that you just watch the last eight months on an xt. They're up here now. No reason whatsoever teagan in cianci didn't over the reference but here they are now tag team with a logo and everything Sabin a news as we switch gears here earlier this week. Dr troy mr wonderful paul orndorff Passed away at the age of seventy one. We hall of famer Worn door if me. Nineteen eighty-three was tabbed as mr one. Full nickname by then manager. Roddy roddy piper He made a memorable debut on january twenty third nineteen eighty-four with win over salvatore but limo a message for garden launch into the picture with matches against the world champion hulk hogan mr full achieve sports entertainment immortality by competing alongside roddy piper to face hogan and mr team somany any one In the early nineteen nineties miserable began competing for ww. Which is where. I as a young kid remembered him He became the television champion. Win title on march second. Nineteen ninety-three over eric watson. the tournament final He had a tag team with paul roma and nineteen ninety four. I remember him having the mirror image. That's memorable mr wonderful theme song. And w w where he would look at it Orndorff was known as the master of the pile driver became trainer. Paul w w w power plant where he Trained some future stars including march. Stacey keebler and bill goldberg Sad news your trays. Mr wonderful poor. Paul passing away the age of seventy one. He's been dealing with some health issues lately. i believe he had cancer and there was Either some form of dementia going on as well To sad news for for such. It's still so young. Seventy one years old. Mr wonderful paul orndorff..

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