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And Britney Spears is back in court. Today. It's the next step in the singers legal battle to end her conservatorship. First, these new satellites Live from NPR News in Washington. I'm Jack Spear. President Biden went over to Capitol Hill today to talk to Senate Democrats about his proposals on infrastructure and the economy. As NPR's Tamara Keith reports. Democrats are not yet United. President Biden's visit to the Hill came as Democratic negotiators announced a budget framework that could be key to passing Biden's infrastructure, healthcare and climate change agendas. But the details are still hazy, and the president's party isn't yet united behind the proposals, which is part of why he was up on the hill, said White House press secretary Jen Psaki. He knows that As president. You lay out a bold agenda or certainly, that's your objective. Members of Congress negotiate the details, and then it's his role to can continue to engage in selling both both packages to members and the Senate and to the public. Government, health officials say. The U. S also saw a record number of overdose deaths last year government saying drug overdose deaths or to a record 93,000 and 2020 nearly 29% increase from 2019. Experts blame lockdowns and other pandemic related isolations, they say made it harder for those with drug problems to get treatment. $3.5 trillion budget deal announced by Senate Democrats would create a national clean energy standard. NPR's Jeff Brady reports that would encourage utilities to switch to cleaner sources of electricity generation. A clean energy standard will be similar to existing requirements in 30 states, telling utilities how much electricity must come from renewable sources. But this national standard is focused on limiting the greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. Minnesota Senator Tina Smith is working on a standard that would allow other technologies to certainly wind and solar and renewables also geothermal. We include nuclear as a clean energy power source. And carbon capture technology also that could be installed on anatomy. Jeff Brady. NPR NEWS The producer Price index. That's the measure of prices before they head down. The pipeline to consumers took a big bump up last month. Government says prices rose by their highest level in 10.5 years, suggesting inflation could remain high is robust demand fueled by the economic recovery from the Covid 19 pandemic strains the supply chain. Chairman Jerome Powell told lawmakers on Capitol Hill today. While inflation has increased, notably and will remain elevated in coming months, he continues to expect it will not be permanent. Stocks wobbled on Wall Street, The Dow out 44 points the NASDAQ was down 32. This is NPR. And this is KCRW on a Wednesday, July 14th and Larry Peril. Here's what's happening at four reform. Just weeks after Britney Spears dropped a bombshell comments during a rare court appearance in court judge ruled today she can hire her own lawyer to oversee the conservatorship She's been under for the past 13 years. Spears once again addressed the court today in the hearing, calling the legal arrangement effing cruelty. She also said she would like to bring formal charges against her father Jamie over his role in the conservatorship. Singer has been represented by a court appointed attorney throughout the legal action that's controlled her life since 2000 and eight. Her remarks in June led to the resignation of her previous court appointed lawyer and the withdrawal of an estate management company that was supposed to oversee her finances. Well, unlike the huge covid surge in the winter that hit mostly older populations these days, it's younger people finding themselves in the hospital with the virus. Despite jarring statistics that reveal practically every severe cases among the unvaccinated, many young adults have yet to be immunized. KCRW's Matt Dillon has a closer look at research from UC San Francisco exploring why that might be Despite the effectiveness of the vaccines and their widespread availability, about a quarter of unvaccinated people between the ages of 18 and 25 say they're not ready to roll up their sleeves. The study from researchers at UCSF reviewed surveys completed by more than 5000 young adults. Three quarters of respondents said they intended to get inoculated, but among that remaining quarter, some said they wouldn't get a dose. Researchers found reasons varied wildly. Some young people said they were concerned about side effects other side of the safety of the vaccine itself, while a few said they'd pass on getting the shot because others needed it more. In a follow up question. Those most adamantly opposed to getting the vaccine said they didn't need it because they didn't think they were in a high risk group. Or because quote I do not believe Covid 19 is a serious illness. It is KCRW's Matt Dillon reporting. And if you live in Orange County, do you know where to go? If a tsunami threatens the area Well, a new hazard map for OC hopes to help you out there. It updates tsunami zones by mostly.

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