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With Michael and sons germicidal UV C. go to Michael and son dot com traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks on the bill in Bethesda is another big truck wreck on the big curves on the outer loop above the I two seventy spur a large fire rescue response is arriving on scene this truck appears to be hanging over the edge of the overpass just short of a big curve on the outer loop for now traffic is getting by by staying to the left that could change some debris rained down off that overpass on this bird below southbound traffic if you're driving south in a moxie Boulevard you can be extra cautious for some debris and for for disabled vehicles I believe couple vehicles are pulled over on the shoulders now they may have struck that to break on the outer loop of the beltway traffic is getting by the right this is above the two seventy spar and again if it's possible they may hold southbound traffic with the edge of the truck hanging off the bridge above the spurs are gonna watch this one carefully obviously there's been a lot of truck crashes on this part of bill way since traffic volumes have fun have five lower during the sept ten dennoch okay Baltimore Washington parkway northbound a crash near four fifty is long gone but they're checking for another one on the ramps to be W. I. Marshall that go from two ninety five toward one ninety five in Clinton there is a crash blocking Kirby road east of temple hill road in Virginia ninety five south just plain old sluggish across the OCBC one there are no rainy mishaps on I. sixty six inside or outside the beltway at Cadillac they have your back and now they're offering a variety of complementary services to make these times a little easier for details visit to Washington DC area Cadillac dealer they build on WTOP traffic all right let's get the status of this rain with NBC four meteorologist Amelia draper high yeah Hey Hillary right now once from team for raider on tracking rain pretty much every.

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