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Both mats and nito get their first big-league homers today in the Mets down two to one at that point. Then Jason Vargas would get a base it. So would Ahmed Rosario and two batters later once again, it was Michael Conforto coming through infield over shifted the pitch hit high in the air. The right. That's pretty Deepak goes Galloway. He's not gonna get it for bounces up against the wall. The score is Vargas around third MacDill. He's digging for the the throw hall cutoff scores standing. Second with a to double as Michael Conforto gets the left-hander Garcia. The Mets have taken the lead. It's three to two New York. Conforto with fifteen Rb is in his last twelve games. He has sixty eight runs batted in this year that ties the career-high he set last season four of them today. Three in game two in the Mets had a three to two lead in the fifth. They'd get two more runs in the seventh. Conforto driving in one with a single Dominic Smith and our beyond Knockin, Jeff McNeil groundout. It was five to Mets set Lugo and Robert Casselman protected. The lead Lugo five strikeouts in his two scoreless innings as he painted the corners. Brought to you by Sherwin Williams. Visit your neighborhood Sherwin Williams paint store or Sherwin Williams dot com and learn how to make the most of your color with the very best paint. The Mets win five two in game. Two of the double header Seth lugos allowed just one earned run over his last seven relief outings over twelve innings with. Seventeen strikeouts. And he tied a franchise record today by fanning five in a row in consecutive relief appearances. Also did that on September ninth against the Phillies? So good day for Seth Lugo out of the Mets bullpen as Lugo with back to back outings of two winnings or less with five or more strikeouts. Something that has only happened a couple of times in major league history. Billy Taylor of the as did it in nineteen Ninety-six. And Josh hater did it last week. And it was set Lugo who did it tonight. And in his last outing to help.

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