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Pre co LeBron was in the Eastern Conference days, and that they're getting all grown up, and that they let everybody who watched Milwaukee dismantle, so many teams and come close to winning game three obviously the game going deep into the night and gained three. And so now here they come about and tie, the series up at two games apiece. Their bench. Demolished milwaukee's. Let me get that exact number for you right there. The outscored them forty eight twenty three I mean that's serious. I tell you when by eighteen points in the playoffs. That's how you deliver Milwaukee loss that they've been delivered to so many teams on the way to getting to a game five. I honestly thought game five was going to be decisive in Milwaukee now it's pivotal as you know, there's only two types of game fives, they're either decisive. When someone up three one wins it and somebody else's a back against the wall where it's pivotal. You can go either way, pivot. It's like the old swing man. Can go either way right now. And Fred vanfleet best name in the NBA since Nick Van Exel. I think. He had a great game. Also. He went five six from fee from the field three of three from three point range. He did you see what he credited his game to. It's the birth of his son on Monday. Here's the issue can't use that for game five Ned lesson. You know. There's more you know, by biologically interesting things going in the vanfleet household, I don't know. So I don't know how repeatable it is. Only the other way to look at it as the warriors just took one step closer to winning it all. Because now these two teams I mean they've gotta love that, but we said they saw last night. They gotta love the fact that it's now best to three to win the Eastern Conference finals really impressed that the raptors leaky. And again, they did not do any of this for, I guess forever. Right. It was always dominate until they wilt in front of LeBron. Pretty much. The bronze been their personal issue for the last decade. Weather in Miami were in Cleveland. Now n lower no showing and Lowry. No showing I, but that was part of the wilting in front of the rain. Casale Norman Powell, by the way, who sounds more like a, a member of the Gerald Ford administration than somebody who's going to go out and ball out like he did last night. Gerald. Norman Powell, I think was the HUD secretary in the Ford administration. See part of the Watergate break-in different stuff. So, hey, we're now tied at two games apiece. And like I said, the warriors can sit back and say go beat you beat each other up play a game seven play a game seven that would go down on Memorial Day. And then we'll see you. We'll see you in your house whoever wins on Memorial Day on the thirtieth three days later, you know. And so we'll see how goes, do you think it's going seven? Now. Why not? Why not? And that's exactly what the warriors want. They want somebody that's gonna come out and and be three games removed from their last game of a seven game..

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