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And settle in the way families did a generation ago with TGIF on ABC or two generations ago with The Ed Sullivan Show on CBS and perhaps most important to remember don't give up on watching current shows as they unroll in real time on broadcast cable and streaming sites one of the most welcome examples of what I call fresh TV was this past weekend's last second production of NBC's Saturday Night Live which presented a special at home edition it wasn't live in emanated piecemeal from the homes of various cast members and guests but it was so comforting to watch similar to the first SNL program after nine eleven when the show then is now broadcast from the epicenter of a national tragedy instead in essence we're still here that was especially true last Saturday of the evening surprise guest host speaking remotely from his own house Tom Hanks but why may is host well for one I have been the celebrity Canary in the coal mine for the coronavirus and ever since being diagnosed I had been more like America's dad than ever before since no one wants to be around me very long and I make people uncomfortable another fresh TV treat which started its third season this weekend on BBC America is killing eve the wonderfully weird comedy drama about a Russian assassin for hire with the British government investigator in hot pursuit one twist is that both these characters are women another is that over there long cat and mouse chase they become infatuated with one another and almost killed each other to as the new season begins an episode you can catch in replays on BBC America's website the assassin thanks her pursuer played by Sandra oh is dead so the Russian killer played with giddy gusto by Jody Comair gets married to another woman and gives it typically oddball wedding toast when with math I just had a really bad break really bad when I think about my ex they I realize I am so much happier now she's we need is light enough and strange enough that it serves as pure distraction which we can really use right now and my final example of fresh TV has several of the best TV performances I've seen all year produced by FX with the first three episodes premiering Wednesday on Hulu it's called Mrs America it's about the rise of the equal rights amendment in the nineteen seventies and the battle against the creator of this mini series is Davi Waller a writer for AMC's mad men and she brings this story to life with undeniable flair and vibrancy but what really carries Mrs America is its cast an all star team of actresses who treat each iconic seventies activist role like the gift it is rose Byrne plays Gloria Steinem racy almond is Betty for Dan Margo Martindale as Bella Abzug so I do but it's surely Chisholm and dominating the series in her first major American TV role is Cate Blanchett as anti women's liberation organizer Phyllis Schlafly what makes Mrs America so interesting and so unusual is that both sides of this early culture war are presented is bringing heavy artillery to the battle here's Blanchett Schlafly for example testing out her position on a receptive audience at a daughters of the American revolution lunch be clear I am not against women succeeding I am not against women working outside the home that's their choice but what I am against is a small elitist group of north eastern establishment liberals putting down the homemakers now the lever is a love to say that they're dedicated to choice but if you dare to choose the path of full time mother well there must be something wrong with you you don't feel and slays well you just don't know not in life and in fact you're not even a person that's enough to start with when you're looking.

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