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New laws limiting abortion in two states west of here are not going to into effect as planned. Abortion ban set to take effect this week and Wyoming and North Dakota had been temporarily blocked by judges in those states amid lawsuits arguing that the band's violate their state's constitutions. North Dakota's latest court action puts it among several states, including Wyoming, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Utah, where judges have temporarily blocked implementation of trigger laws as lawsuits play out. The Wyoming and North Dakota laws were set to take effect this week. North Dakota's state's attorney general responded by immediately starting to clock on another 30 day countdown. Meanwhile, hundreds protested an abortion ban bill that has advanced in the West Virginia legislature. I am Lisa dwyer, Supreme Court Justice clarence Thomas will not teach a planned constitutional law seminar at George Washington University this fall. The GW hatchet obtained an email sent to students saying that Thomas is now unavailable to teach the course this fall, and he's no longer listed as a lecturer on GW law's course list. It comes a month after school leaders declined to remove Thomas from his lecturer role after he voted to overturn roe V wade. A robust security plan will be in place. That is the promise from capitol police chief manger today ahead of anticipated demonstrations at tomorrow's congressional baseball game. The annual contest features friendly competition from lawmakers in both parties at nationals park. It was started more than a century ago. The now or never group, a collective that advocates for federal action on climate has warned that it plans to shut down the game if politicians plan to or rather fail to make headway on climate legislation. Tony Dow, who, as Wally cleaver on the sitcom, leave it to beaver, helped create the popular and lasting image of the American teenager of the 50s and 60s has died. He was 77. Here, Wally surprises his TV mom played by Barbara billingsley. Where are you going? I'm gonna go over to slug Eddie. Wally. That's a way to talk. This is Sunday. Oh yeah. Well, wait till tomorrow, I'm swinging the cafeteria. Frank, who represented Dow in his work as a sculptor, confirmed his death in an email to The Associated Press, no cause of death was given, but Dow had been in hospice care and announced in May that he had been diagnosed with prostate and gallbladder cancer, a post on Dow's Facebook page yesterday, prematurely reported that he had died, but his wife and management team later took down the post and explained that it was announced in error. It's ten 55. Money news at 25 and 55, here's Larry koski. This is a Bloomberg money minute. The Federal Reserve has done it again, saying it's strongly committed

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