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Be socially really has she's sure he says I've devoted my entire professional life to writing about and speaking to women's issues women's causes women's empowerment in creating strong complex roles for women in theater and in Hollywood that is that I would ever cultivated unsafe environment or harass the woman on the set of one of my shows is utterly ridiculous and lacks a grounding in reality wow what I need to hear from our yes we do that too we need here and there we will hear anything but that that was a great show the affair and Ruth Wilson did abruptly accidents so did Josh what Jack yeah he did too yeah and the story was fine without him yeah I would say all right a little my talk traffic for you which is brought to you by a light formally known as American refugee committee starting your Hopkins one sixty nine self found a stolen vehicle blocking a lane from Interlaken road to Excelsior Boulevard six ninety four westbound across from East River Road to University Avenue in lily Dale thirty five you northbound across from Victoria street to Sinclair Avenue thirty five you southbound Roger for crash near Saint Paul my Pennsylvania Avenue to Maryland Avenue new Brighton six ninety four eastbound press from Silver Lake Road to Long Lake Road the loose park I weigh one hundred south and across from highway seventy Minnetonka Boulevard we also got a crash Mendota heights forty four westbound from Delaware Avenue to don road and in Fridley assault vehicle blocking lane to fifty two north bound from Brookdale drive to eighty First Avenue Adelaide emotion is the heart of who they are cemented when traveling to places others often see is scarce ally humanitarians are delighted to find laughter and smiles at a like the spark joy in the work they do and for the people they serve learn more at we are light dot org your.

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