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All the action is on fought and the sports app free agency period of officially begins at six eastern today and we already know why leonard name is in the mix other marquee players set to hit. The market includes three. Marta rosen kalari and lonzo ball. It will be interesting to see all shakes out art retard which title contender make. The biggest free agency splash. This isn't going to be the typical free agency. Like i don't think there's going to be a landscape changing. Move all right chris. Paul probably stays in. Phoenix lender. Probably stays with the clippers. The lakers have no money. The clippers have no money. you could save. Where ever dhamar rosen goes. Does he take that small amount of money. Relatively speaking nine million a year and go to the lakers if he were to do that and then maybe they add carmelo anthony. There's been talking about like you would say the lakers. But i'm not convinced. The marta rosen is going to take that type of pay-cut so i will say miami because it's looking like they'll be able to pull off a sign and trade with gorgeous and kyle lowry. They got call our jimmy butler bam outta by you. They think that can move them up in the eases as a good signing i really like lower. I thought the lakers made a mistake by not signing him or trading for him last year during the season. But that's not really making me. Think miami is going to be able to win the eastern conference title so good move but but that's probably what we're looking at in terms of of a big free agent. Move the team. I think that will eventually make the biggest. Buzz is philadelphia. Because we know they're trying to trade ben simmons. So where did they move him wherever they moved him and whatever they get in return that is going to be the big off season..

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