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I sam. It's good to have you on the podcast but even more exciting that we are in your office and this is where you write your books. This is where the books happened. That's right underneath a house just off to the garage. The side of the garage is look at sometimes called a man Cave Sam. I'm sure you can tell by some of the things around the office that added easily. Beat lock that but it makes me feel good A. K.. I'm looking round. I'm saying some old vinyl records you gotTa Rickel play off today. That's it's right there there. It is and there's a very good reason for that Sam in that Listening to that the old music that I listened to as a like a kid and attain Niger As SORTA transports me back to that frame of mind of their simony possibilities in life and that's a great mindset to rot with their so many possibilities and also trying to be routing for kids trying to be his child lock as possible in the thoughts So hopefully connect with the raider. Yes Sir it's very purposeful and thus the you're not makes me feel good it makes me feel ready to writes a like that and then look over here and these all your books published on the shelves and they so beautiful and California powerful and did notice that they're probably the strongest ones on the show. That's because nobody reads then I just see so then I read them. Why why they? So what I've done Sam is I've I've put four of every book that I've ever had published including sort of translations and additions up there because whereabouts have both baby and say license. Thank you very excited so that the plan is that one day the kids will have a ah one of daddy's books one of every book that he's He's put out sites a bit of a it. Looks like it's my hold at the moment but it's actually there for the kids. I do like that and I must mention as well the Lego. There's a lot of Lego in these office. Helena theme into wrought books is playing with Lego Day. it's yeah. It's a big distracted on and it is so hard to be disciplined and get words. Donald Edits done when there's an open boxes and bags of Lego just sitting around but sometimes it's a reward. Say Mike Our I if I could knock at five hundred words this morning down going to do one bag bag number fourteen of the tree very Hassett. You are a big kid on you. Yep but I think that's a good thing right like if your kid's author you need to be in that route heads Bison and you've actually you started the project ivy here. which is lego topple towers? Which is your latest book series? Yes that's right and And that really. That was just totally for fun and off off started showing kids at schools when visit them often talk about the the writing process and we have a few jokes and series tips as well and then I said them glass last do WanNa see some lakes and and of course every hang up. Thanks to Lego masters and the impact of pop culture. Yes so the plan was well. I'm GonNa Build Awful Awful Towers the hotel setting of Of Molasses book out of Lego and You as she can say one floor is complete and they're still still two more floors to go and then the very difficult roofing and I swapped. There's a poster out there next to the the half finished set Lack of book shop. I don't think they called. Like a pop stand there's a pop-up standard toppled house. And that's that's my model to guarded on Year but the roof because the popout roof there that is quite difficult. There's a little triangles and you know trying to make triangles out of square. Blocks is tricky at. Tom's wow how many books have you written now. So so we're up to in Australia. We're up to a non have been published and next year. They'll be they'll be two more. And within those non there have been a couple of overseas editions as well and then translations fantastic. That's very cool and as I look to my right I see all your books lined up as I mentioned but also there's a bunch of other books as well. There's a Marist Glucksman book here oppo Jennings biography. I want continue. The you have a library in your office. of keats books incredible gift of the Gab. Marsk lots of red that one they CA- so here we go. We're tapping into your childhood childhood my much it was really yeah Paul Jennings books although I feel like now. It's Andy Griffiths and Tim Harris. Isn't that odd. Oh my sides Andy Griffiths and Andy Griffiths. But you know I'm working on it guy guided you like bookshop and assist. Every how many treehouse books he got well at the moment is about seven right of them. May maybe even more by nab they've just gone. They've gone global their their big thing getting looks at shaper rating has lots of young people rating. which is really good? You'll say thereafter half of its squad an ECLECTIC collection so there's the cricket books bit of a cricket tragic. There's the The Christian living books as the kids books and then this and everything in between those biographies and a lot that I haven't read well. You are on the podcast this week to talk about libraries. Can you take us back to. Maybe when you're a kid kid and I mean you're an author now did you love books as a kitten. Did you love libraries as a kid denies strangely. I didn't have a huge love of books when I was a kid. Probably you probably the thing I really wanted to do is hit a cricket bull so the they love books and lobbyists has actually swelled of time but as a kid I do have some specific memories savell of our promise school library and I remember we. You know we'd all lined up to go in knowing. I think there are thirty in the class knowing that they ate soft cushions inside and say it'd be wrestling Paul Position and a certain as Mr Sandler librarian up and out the door because you weren't allowed to run. It was the Olympic Powell. Walk Rice to get us off cushion. As if you're lucky you might get one in the fiction section and he was sort of half lucky might end up in the you know the head section of nonfiction fiction and all the other twenty two students dismissed out so it was quite Mr Simla. He was fond memories of him as a librarian he would. He wouldn't inside on a chair to read books to the class. He actually see it up on a title and Aric and he. He had the brown EST fashion. I've ever seen in here brown pads Brown Brown hair. He may have had brown eyes as well. Sit Up on the table wearing. He's Brown fashion and he would put his index finger into his mouth and leaked the finger Before turning a page now I had no idea as an eleven year old bought that technique was helping the page flick. A forty had like a gem. Five years I don't know what it was but it was this odd saying the finger into the math pulled out. Turn the page. And then the thing that I remember the clearest out of above all of that is he spoke. Doc with this awesome whistle. So he black yes. This is a great book about things. And so we'd be when we got to Houston. Take the boys would be shaking like Hamish December. Here's a book and he'd He'd sigh right. What's this spun Sixty seconds seconds of sausages syllabus chosen deliberately so we could get that we still To its MAX CY. Lots of fun memories from from the library very I think there's when you're when you're young. There is a bit of luck a wonder that that comes with being in a library as well And Eric and what I got to hospital that whole thing changed and suddenly the the labile mass became applies to fee. Because it was it was side. deathly quiet And the Librarians Burns at at my particular hostile terribly strict and Si- if there was any you know any nonsense talking it'd be passed on At sort of lost is that sense of or I remember I think some you. Ten students decided to rebel against the librarian. And I tip chocolate milk down the return shoot and so all the books the bottom sponsored by oak it was really stinky. You've got great great memories. I always try to think back to an all keyed and what libraries will like for me and I can't remember my librarians and I am I remembering the often often. You'd be in a rice to borrow the goosebumps books you know. Everyone wanted that book but it was always out And then when Harry Potter came out that was the next big thing would have been but awesome but I kinda feel like at lunchtime. All the kids wanted to be in the computer lab and all the needy kids would go the library yet. Well so the computer labs Abbas separate suicide. Because when I was at school at Haas school the Computer Lab was part of the library. Had to be cited library. Do we say library very laboratory. I say library lobby. I think you should say library. That small proper isn't it. Look I actually. We know It's contrast controversial or controversy. It's one of those. Is it bad form. I mean we should clarify that. You were you tried schoolteacher as well. Yeah that's right so fifteen years as a teacher in in private schools is it bad formed a token the library yet. Yeah it was actually a depending on the like look depending on on the situation if you go into stop blurting and their paperwork doing things. That's pretty poor form. But but libraries Also a place of great learning inside. They might be caught dynamic lessons happening with as a whole bunch of talking. And that's completely normal it really think etiquette Came down to discretion. And you Kinda work out. What what should I be doing? how should I be having in this particular situation. Site both happened from from silence and your big trouble. Few toll roads through to to Kost and screaming on occasions. And he's we'd that every library has different rules. Because I I think of my local library that had take my three year old too and sheep. Labs away reading books. But that's allowed to you know when you're in high school when you're latitude group study sessions around a table To Win I went to college. And you want to talk at all inside. So what I know why that's the case disadvantage that I'd agent stage of learning perhaps yep and perhaps there's a social Social Skills Social awareness that goes with it But it does remind. Let me Sam. Have you heard that. That joke about the arch men. Who walks into the library here? Say you know is a Kayla Taylor steaks anymore at night is a solid Lau. Thank you I'm Gonna I'M GONNA say because it's one that I had and I haven't forgotten because it's a good. It's a good one for lobbies breeze. Salazar's men guys into the library and he walks up to the counter and says all right then. I'll have a milkshake and a burger. Thanks and the librarian looks around and fires residences. You do realize this is a library and he says I'm sorry. Hi milkshake Thanks that's good. That's Abou- Oh I'm what what would you say. Your favorite things are about libraries. Definitely the books are. There's there simony worlds to deepen in an ad oven. There's so much information that that's available there. But I'm actually beginning to notice more and more that libraries have cool furniture and and it's become a bit of a thing for philosophies if I have a budget where they combine Beautifully versatile finish might be interchangeable. So that you can and moved desk. Surrounded credit different shapes Bookshelves on wheel. So we can create different spices for for different occasions Awesome Lodge Raj Interactive whiteboards. Lessons can be clear and you can say what's happening for a long distance. So I brought spices views windows. So yeah lobbyist. Obviously that can be really beautiful places for learning and engagement I'm enjoying side since of started visiting scholar up to about three hundred schools now in the last four years so that's a lot of libraries that are saying and some of them actually breathtaking The thought that's being put into these places to make them excellent spots for learning and engagement of course above all promoting a love of rating. And say you might have a beautiful quartz pants up on the wolves eye doctor. Zeus quite saw. Well there might be a particular Message that the school might want to portray us that might be up on the wall right through to artworks Visiting illustrator might might pay. It's not work during a live session..

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