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It was more like a short term thing to can you think of an examples. I think those two are kind of the the most common either like Roman revisiting romances or reworking something with your children. Yeah. Or like revisiting the topic of children like if you want to have children, I'm finding that you had children. I once had a client like that who had Venus retrograde or something Saturn, go through fifth house. And like finding out that he had a child that didn't like thirty years later, something that's unique on that's pretty dramatic not necessarily everyone with cancer rising. I'm not saying you will all find shelter this month. You never know. So that some of the fifth house stuff going on, and that's really especially focused in the first week when we have those shifts take place in we have mercury stationing direct there because it starts picking up steam pretty soon after that the other major thing we have in that first week is a new moon, which takes place on December seven and such terriers. And this is happening in the other sector of your chart with his lot of activity this month, which is your sixth house of work and health. Right. And so that's the area. We mentioned briefly last month where Jupiter is spending a year kind of expanding that area of your life. So exp- bringing expansion and potential new horizons to either your work life or your your health routines or something of that nature. And so this new moon will happen within that context in the same sign of such terrace. Right. So the general cycles of sort of like. Growth and expansion that started last month without your long cycle of Jupiter through such terrace. Really get keyed off this month when we have this new moon because then it's like creating a new foundation or laying the seeds for something that will grow especially over. The course of the next six months between now in the middle of next year when there will be a full moon eventually in your sixth house, and some of the things that you initiate now this month in December will eventually come to fruition at that point in the middle of two thousand nineteen. All right. So that's going on. We've got the sun moving through Sagittarius most of the month. Eventually mercury also moves into such Terry in the middle of the month on December twelve so that's going to just increase that same energy and sort of ramp up some of the communication mercury. Of course stations retrograde there last month. This is going to be mercury still retreading old ground for a little bit. And maybe returning back to something that you thought was finished or that you needed to revisit from last month. When mercury was in a similar spot near chart related to either your workplace or perhaps related to your health. So that could be something like a diet and exercise regime, but it could also be something pertaining to like a doctor in meeting Dr doing sometimes health tests or sometimes having to redo health tests, a pretty straightforward common manifestation of murky retrograde in the six house and also if you're thinking about having pets, I think that's a lovely Jupiter. Expansion of the six palace. We'd mentioned I think after we did the horse last month we should bring in pets for sixth house because sometimes relevant people's lives. And so especially with that new moon there and the Jupiter transit if you were thinking about maybe getting a pet that might be a new start, right or the six houses also people that work for you or people that like employees or people that are in a subservient role to you..

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