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That department because you just have your body's just engineer to process fast you advantage. But as we thought is engineer to just take the fact that story rather than burning. It is not as easy for everybody. Two two liquid to good use. So I think I think it's really important to talk about that fence in ways, but as the quantity and quality of fat soy said they declared a lot of patients who come to is and say, oh, I'm doing this today. Jim basically, eating bacon. She'd been tie it up. And that is not necessarily healthy. And then there are other people who go I don't high fat diet, and he didn't sound of a Kabo and that is much healthier little a new some research in the book that talks about saturated fats and the impact of consuming saturated fats can talk about that a little bit. Yes, they're the research shows that at least in the grain aging in cognitive health field, translated fats, and such a fact that not necessarily the hell gift that your brain. And so in large day on population based Jamila observations Saudis Davis showing that people who consume treating bands for more of saturated fat every day twice debase of coming to decline compared to people eat half. But that's a seven. Wow. Yeah. Now that of course doesn't. It doesn't take into account the source or the saturate. Does it come from bed quality animals foods? Does it come from vegetable oils that make defense? We don't know will. We know is that overall each your diet contains more than thirteen Brown's the day of such fan. You have much higher base of Livia mandate is it at all or not finding or or developing new payments and thirteen grams about what does that represent? I mean is not is not much eating high. San said it suits from animal charter than in the easy to get up to fifteen banks cited today, I think everybody agrees that your diet should be include a lot of vegetables and cruised and small amount of animals foods. Yeah, the tables are really turning. I was having lunch with bunch of major bio hackers and this was an amazing lunch. There is Dave Asprey JJ virgin. In Dr Mark Hyman? Like, you know, the heavy hitters of what you should be eating and the rest of the table just sort of sat back and watched what they were ordering, and we'll take they're taking two for sushi because Dave's feeling was that rice that is cooled then reduces its glycemic index. So we were allowed to sushi sushi of courses, lots of raw fish, and everybody's agreement was that you need to eat essentially base of vegetables and meat on the side. So as much as you'd think that all these bio hackers are pro paleo and just be consuming meat amongst this table. It certainly wasn't the case from every conversation. I've had with somebody who is well-versed nutrition cutting edge. The feeling is large volumes of vegetables and everything else is. Fiver? Great bailey. I think everybody was say that five it is so important for you for for your health. But all tribal comes plant.

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