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Outside of like just the movie look bay looking fucking awesome to be honest like it looks it. Looks like a compelling watch. What do you think what i like about this is you can see. I was going to say that you can tell that he's trying but it's more than that. It's it's i like the fact that he's doing an accent. I like the fact that he's got. The facial hair is made some choices. And i'm big. I like it when actors have a diverse series of roles under their belt I just think it. It's more impressive that way. Where if you would make like a like a super smash brothers game of an actors like list of cactus. They've done I think and if they're all really different that's awesome. That's really cool. And matt damon. I feel like he's a great actor without a doubt great. Act off a lot of us roles you know. He's he's basically. he's the guy from boston. It's not really differentiating elements but But you know he's still smashes them. It's yeah that's the style. I guess you get what you pay for with this. He's taken some risks is making some choices. And i really admire that. I think the story seems a concepts. I'm i'm not really sure what's makeover other than like i know this great taleban camera. Yeah to on this one other than more sir. I dislike the fact of seeing matt damon. Doing something a little bit different Some reading it looks like it's loosely based on a true story Amanda knox amanda. Knox is a american woman who spent almost four years in an italian prison following conviction. For the two thousand. Seven meadow of meredith coccia a fellow exchange student who shot her apartment in two thousand fifteen knox was definitively acquitted by the italian supreme. Court of cassation nuts. I am even more excited now. Knowing this is limited iceland them. that's awesome. Yeah fuck Let's get to the pile of shit pot of the Oh okay podcasts. Well i mean. Look i'm taking this in Like i've done the quality site if you've if you've noticed have hosted this stuff has been at the top now getting to the ship and i'm putting on my plastic gloves like like like i'm putting on my mosque. I'm gonna blagent hand my toilet scrubber the goma plunge on ready to go because an extra things we're going to talk about a venom leather be carnage and spiral sir. Let's get to them. I An you probably don't share my thoughts on spiral but i can't wait. I can't wait let's get the venom. Let the become rich. Fuck me man. Fuck stop I want to speak directly to one of our listeners. One of al longtime fans Mr andy circus. Who i know if you're listening right now are you k- like you know. The public will see this urine lord of the rings. There was a in fucking plan of the see. Are you aware how they got your wife and child hostage. Are you directing this under gunpoint. You know you better than this man. His message to manado tra- jbl dot com. We will respond accordingly. Blink if you're if you're under gunpoint right now it's Look the the early sense of hope i ever had for..

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