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To get it up, but they can't get it out. Intercepted again. In this time, Nikita's adore off will lift it free and clear for the Avalanche. They were so good last game. They only took the one penalty. It didn't cost him this. You want to kill this one on good Start. Is it so important? Me and Cole lifted free this time out there with Ryan Graves. As a defensive pairing and Radovan will stop it behind his own net 90 seconds gone in our first period. Avalanche. A one. Nothing shot advantage. No score on the scoreboard yet 25 to go on the power play for Dallas blocked by the Avalanche. They can't clear John Klingberg down the near wall for Raja logged into the circle. Rachael a believe it. For Tyler Seguin Back for Klingberg Deeps life throws towards Let's say, made by Hutchinson Rebound to the far corner of the wall. Logan on Connor will dig it free graves now for Belmar down on one knee. I'll chip it down ice for the Avalanche. Logan O'Connor, the first one they're short handed. It's got a cloaking device. Logano Connery just appears out of nowhere, and he's killing penalties for the Avalanche. How much confidence has he gotten from the culture staff in just a couple of games? Pass near sides adorable Pick it up for Colorado. Off the end Wall. Ryan Graves will hoist it out the center for the Avalanche with 40 seconds to go in the power play for Dallas. They dump it in behind the net. Hutchinson will stop. It plays it up the boards the door off. We'll bounce it up. Not out to the point. Hastings walked the line throws it towards the net, kept on saying made by Hutchinson Rebound, They score and it's right. On the doorstep of a power play goal for the stars. It's been a theme in this series as Mikko Rantanen, his head hung comes out of the penalty box and just like Game six. The Avalanche drill one Nothing in the first. And when you On this particular goal. Avalanche have movement up Eskimo gets the puck and just like a car, he gets it through. No defensive around the NHL. Theodore with Vegas Hughes with Vancouver, a car Estimate. They have this wonderful bill. You look up. See, the little opening gets it through. And then there's bodies in front. Rachael was able of bang it home. Fragile off his six of the postseason at 2 39 in the first period. It is a power play goal. In the AB alliance willing to come from behind again. No Landeskog. No Johnson. No, Timmins.

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