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Welcome here, which is kind of weird because she is Cody's girlfriend. If anything, this Taylor girl should feel like she's the one who's not welcome there. We called Taylor yesterday because Sarah think sons going out with Taylor and Thiss Taylor Girl is into her boyfriend. So we called Taylor. We tried to trick her by saying, Hey, Brooke told us something's going on between you. And ah, her cousin. Here's what she told us Look implied that something was going on between you and him. This Cody guy? Oh, my God. He did. Yes, he did when I was she Was she right about that? Irene. Not really. There was anything going on. It's not between me and him, but probably hurt him her in him. Who Working, Cody. I thought Brooking Cody were cousins. Um, no, not wait a minute. They're not cousins. So how did they know each other? What did she say? They used to work at the park. Brooke and Taylor works in a bar bar together. They both lost their jobs because of quarantine, and he Just hang out there all the time, And she said some nights when we closed, he would walk us to our cars. The end tonight, make sure nothing and he's not related. This Brooke girl at all regular When Sara found that out, Don't even bother. I am going to talk to him myself. All right, So we did call code. He caught him up in the live. But she said I'll talk to him myself. She is now joining us once again this morning, And first of all, I got to say thank you for calling us back and agreed to be on the show again. We appreciate it. Yeah. Welcome. So you said you were when you left. You said you. I'll talk to myself. I'll talk to Cody. I guess you.

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