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No opinion on the matter reporting live and local in downtown detroit vicki thomas w w j newsradio nine fifty w w j news time eight thirty five a fire in an air conditioning unit led to the evacuation of a nursing center royal oak this morning residents of the greenfield rehab and nursing center on greenfield between twelve and thirteen mile roads the residents were taken out of the facility many of the people in wheelchairs because small got into the building the air conditioner was on the roof of the building minor damage reported the residents are back in the facility no injuries are reported but we're hearing now there without air conditioning and of course temperatures going into the nineties this holiday weekend memorial day weekend and wwe jay's mike campbell is watching campers heading north along i seventy five good morning mike good morning john i'm actually very few campers so if you're thinking about heading north now might be a good time but i did run into car an suv that had ohio tags on it john and marty fremaux mardi more from fremont ohio being an avid ohio state fan i didn't think there was anything beautiful about the state of michigan but petoskey area is gorgeous and i love it do john's wife marty says john doesn't even call petoskey michigan he just calls it heaven she also calls at home what are you looking forward to.

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