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Would you eat this dehydrated food well actually i'm not hungry i'm not hungry i i'm awful up for some reason your breath stinks corn beef yeah that's weird so sadly gus grissom died in a prelaunch test of the apollo one but he has a memorial museum in mitchell indiana and one of the exhibits is a corned beef sandwich imbedded and acrylic just to remind people very aids so that's very good john young's zero g goose did not stop there though because during a moon walk on the apollo sixteen mission where again he was the ninth human being ever walk on the fucking moon young was reporting back to nasa about his status during a moonwalk and every recording i love listening to like moonwalk recordings because it's like you can hear obviously the most famous one is you know one small step for man and giant leap for mankind that's probably not how it goes but it's very similar to that i think but that's like momentous right because he got it you got a nail that i'm the first person to step foot on the moon but then like you listen to these more informal conversations and it's a lot of astronauts freaking the fuck out because they're walking on the moon and a lot of mission control just like freaking the fuck out walking on the moon and it doesn't matter which mission it is it's like wild that you're walking on the moon and so there's probably there's probably lots of recordings of john young during this mission i think he had three different moonwalk stream this mission being referenced like that right getting to take these rarefied steps on lunar soil but there also exists a recording of john young saying the funniest shit anyone's ever said on the moon ever and i'd like to just sort of play this dialogue between him and houston mission control right now.

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