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Pillar that was pretty dying impressive last night for Nixon's ill, you lose one, and what should have been a home run. You can right back and get your first home run in your MLB career. Look, Scott shetler and madcap had ago. They had a go gentler can't hit well enough to be the fourth outfielder on this team. And it was only on the roster because he was the closest thing they had to a center fielder. Don't need that anymore. Don't need that anymore. Camp was a loss ball, we had it really was from the day that he arrived here from the dodgers. I mean, this guy is a DA waiting to happen. Some American League team is going to sign him. But shetler light camp. We they'll take it bats away from guys that traditionally only get better with more. Bats who are you gonna take it bats away from going to take away from Jesse Winker waker is really hit the ball. Well, all year had some bad luck. What he missed. You hit it on the screws. It just didn't it just didn't fall. You're not gonna take it bats away from sense L. I mean, that'd be ludicrous. And yes, we'll plea is you're right fielder that your corner outfielder. That's the guy with Alex would hurt and only a rumor so far he becomes the centerpiece of that deal. So there's your outfield right there from this day forward regardless of hot streak or slump? It has to be Jesse Winker and left Nixon's Ellen center. Yes, we'll take it. Right. End of story and of story. Now, a story broke overnight. John Hayman, who's a national baseball writer says the reds are ready to bring Josh Van Meter to Cincinnati, Josh Van Meter is a guy who has been tearing it up and AAA the his his numbers and triple A or career numbers so far for his minor league career as of last night three thirty six average thirteen home runs thirty one RBI. Now, we're Van Meter plays. What they do. And who knows but it's obvious that if they bring him up, there's your guy there's your fourth outfielder. There's your fourth outfielder Eric Dietrich needs at bat enough at bats, the reds can figure out whether or not they've stumbled onto the latest scooter Ginette or Dietrich is like just about every other role player in the history of baseball. Someone who starts hot and then plays back to his level right now, you gotta ride the wave and Dietrich needs playing time again, mitigating reasons why Matt Kemp was released and Scott shetler was. Enter aaa. Big last night. Here's another thing. I was watching the gale but a big last night. Kenner, Roark is pitching. And I'm thinking to myself is David bell going to, you know, do it for third time this week. Yankee pitcher who's got maybe eight forty five pitches under his belt..

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