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Mike gallagher for any of us at a certain age sean beck mice career he does your note this music is although i think they've done a mix of this with some wrap or something i think these days the munster's best tv show theme ever the monsters halloween 2017 who stole of this show fled win as harmon munster we want to see where that house was no weimin the how away this year i've always hated halloween i've always wanted i've never liked pit i pond the one the turns off all the lights so that the kids don't knock on the doorknob in an apartment building they have a little sign you could put on your doorknob if you don't want anybody hearing the doorbell ports at sei goes up every year i don't want anybody knocking on my door rory gets annoyed rauris happy incidentally my puzzle is healthy and happy she's doing much better share her her appetite his back she's perky she ate this morning all is good in my world it's fall we got lots of great stuff to cover a group all the news is good in my world right now and of course not show good in paul manafort world not so good and george papadopoulos his world not so good about rick gates's world and they face up to twenty years in prison it is believed that george papa dopoulos who is said to be cooperating with the fbi and with the special council perhaps these were he wore a wire had conversations with manafort um and these guys are perhaps dirty who knows who knows sheriff sarah sanders put it in perspective yesterday in terms of what if any impact this has on the trump administration or the trump campaign today's announcement has nothing to do with the president has nothing to do with the president's campaign or campaign activity and a real police in scandal as we've said several times before has everything to do with the clinton campaign fusion gps in russia there is clear evidence of the clinton campaign colluding with russian intelligence to spray disinformation in smeared the president to influence the election we've been saying from day one there's been no evidence of trump russia collusion and nothing in the indictment changes that at all meanwhile we've got real stuff that's occurring tomorrow the house republicans expected.

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