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This is NASCAR live race fans are going the backstretch at martinsville rusty Wallace bottle time about the end of the backstretch as a karmic me the bandaged over the body, resting Wallace going back to lane martinsville two weeks. It will be three years. He at one that lasts victory coming in the California speedway. He goes back to victory lane today at martinsville speedway. Now back to Mike Bagley. That's how it sounded Sunday April eighteenth, two thousand four at martinsville speedway rusty Wallace winning his spinal race at the paper clip. We welcome you back to ask our live and well, we welcome the opportunity to chat with rusty Wallace every chance we get and I got that opportunity over the weekend. It Kansas had a chance to sit down and visit with rusty and talk about martinsville and spun dismember of racing. They're all it had to be my last win probably in two thousand and four. I mean, I was going for like seventy races without a win, but I thought if I could get a win, it probably be at martinsville. That's that's such a good track for me. So, yeah, they had to be the best one getting fifty fifth and final victory before hung my hat up. And that was an emotional day because I member standing up on the victory lane platform and all the drivers kept coming by. A lot of them came by congratulate because they knew that it was a long streak since one last time at home important that race was to me every track needs a different skill set. You know, you go someplace Daytona Talladega, India, certain mindset, what kind of a mindset do you need it martinsville to not get yourself in trouble to be there at the end when that checker Flagstar twin, what the way to keep yourself out of trouble. Mike at that particular race track is to have a really good handling car. Somebody's gotta stay on that chassis all the time. And I talk about that in nauseam almost because I was a chassis guy. I love those springs and shocks control my own destiny. Make car behave and handle the way wanted to in the short track. Their martinsville reminded me a lot of short treks every when I was coming up through the ring. WCHS one of his me Donnie Allison, Bobby, and some of those tracks Allen quickey all those type guys. Mark Martin we learned short tracks in martinsville kind of fit my style and I knew what I wanted my car to do at that particular racetrack. So I just stayed work in work in. So when you get your car handling good, then you can control the bricks. You don't burn the breaks up and you can put the car where you wanted on the racetrack. You don't have to take take all these daredevil moves that might get yourself in trouble might get yourself wrecked. So really good handling car solved a lot of problems. It just didn't make you overdrive and over. Thank everything. Well, one of the things that I hear you talk about in your progressive keys to the race is keeping your nose clean on pit road that martinsville it's obviously a small racetrack with that pit. Road speed is thirty five miles an hour. What's it like, whoa, in the thing down and getting on pit road and maintain thirty five miles an hour because from where we observe, it looks like you could get out walk faster than that cars Co..

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