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The l._a. rams have a chance to win hines ward former star receiver for the pittsburgh steelers former super bowl champion receiver for the pittsburgh steelers right here with us on the stephen smith show e._s._p._n. radio e._s._p._n. news on behalf of hyundai i gotta get into a subject that's relatively uncomfortable but i don't know of too many people on this planet answer this question better than you what the hell happened to the pittsburgh steelers this year in your estimation embarrassment you know i i look and great talent and i'm not going to put this all on be like i'm not excusing his behaviour but i just think what a._b. coach mike tomlin i mean you're the head coach you know some of this falls on your shoulders i mean we have too much talent for our team not to be in the super bowl coach hama we have a saying in our in the locker room all over the facility the standard is the standard but the culture their culture in pittsburgh that is this now is not the standard of the pittsburgh steelers it's not we're talking more about the pittsburgh steelers off the bill rather than on the field and i think that starts with the head coach as far as i look at i look at the patriots and i look at what happened to malcolm butler i mean a guy who they just completely came in late to a meeting so we're gonna take you out of the super bowl but here's a guy who just helped you win it through vo two years before that but coach ballot show he ain't trying to hear that he don't care we holds everybody accountable and i think for coach tomlin he has to lay down the law he has to do that with his own team and then you take ben rothlisberger who you do where i was going to do weekly radio show and you constantly put guys out there and criticizing guys we have one rule drome you had casey hampton break keys had joy puerto james farrior we had one rule one rule it was pretty simple keep my name out joe mouth when you talk to the media that's it if we're talking about brotherhood and the team in our organization in we're family we're brotherhood this come talk to me outside of the media you can come talk to me man to man hey i think you need to do this i wouldn't do this i wouldn't do this you don't have to keep putting it out there but let me ask you this question about big ben rothlisberger hines hines ward is it in maturity is it an absence of leadership or is it one of those situations where he is just scared to absorb his share responsibility on i think that's the case i mean when the quarterback you're naturally put in a position to be the leader on the team but when you wear the seal on your chest and the age like he's on the latter part of his career i hope big band to a higher standard because you know better you know better and you gotta be rallied two guys in the locker room because they look at what you do if you go out there and you constantly weekend week out through our guys on the bus that's why the office of lineman they're criticizing lebanon bill i make this much he wouldn't make this because you open that can of worms when you start criticizing players and your captain is doing it well the other players are going to do they go feel like they can do the same thing and i think for tonio brown he was just fed up with it because at the end of the day we as receivers were dependent on the quarterbacks we can't really do a we do the balls aren't thrown our way so when i hear when i hear stories about a big bands that well i just won't throw you the ball then that's that's a personal attack because then now you messing with the livelihood u._s. you messing with my business you messing with me putting food on the table for my money right so case but if that's the case hines ward then what is your do you have an issue with art rooney the second coming out and saying that he doesn't see antonio brown being back here listen when the president calls your phone and you don't respond to the president who pays you a lot of money you.

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