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That signified seventeen years since my high school graduation because they were going to college that whole summer wholesaler the whole summer they were just bucking their heads and they actually they showed a highlight from. I didn't say what year was on on twitter. They a tiger highlight playing. I clicked did. I heard this like. That's a two thousand four highlight there. It is right there but yeah certain parts of the course. It was like actually pretty annoying to watch. I think going back to last year. I struggled to differentiate the work day. The memorial was like one two week tournament to me. Right which which wanted more calls i. It's it's like zoo lander. it's the same. Look it's same thing but the fact that they could kill the green off and do whatever you wanted the second week that contributed to the firm but like they. The those green could have survived. You know it can get firmer out there and it just always rains this week in that courses gonna play pillow soft when it rains but they did move the t. up on fourteen which they don't usually do it the memorial. They did it the workday last year as as reported i on the on the crash. Course pod yes We had Superintendent and general manager of Both those guys on that crash course pod. They mentioned that they said yeah. We're excited about it. We're gonna give some new looks these guys this year which full support of and some guys went for a lot of guys went for it. And you know it's a true that is it true. Risk reward shot. I'm not positive that the right move is to go for the green leash knocked it on there and made eagle which was sweet. But yeah it's it. It makes that whole way more interesting. Otherwise it's everyone's like the same exact shot. Yeah it's a great great whole. I mean that's one that always recall fondly from watching and playing. I'll always remember. They used to have a volunteer there. Who over here. Yeah like no other volunteer. I've come across since field. Village has been has plenty of overzealous volunteers. Green on fourteen yeah patrol oriented walkway kind of over to the left of it right. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. I'm sure we got to get some various nuggets from the week before we do that. And of course we got bryson. Want to give a shout to our friends at rap soda. You guys. I talk a lot about this mobile. Launch monitor fits right on our golf bag. You don't even have to think about bringing it to the course i carry with me at all times. You know if things maybe aren't going right now need practice session after around with the thing out in two seconds and press a button and connected to your phone launch a practice session and you can get your number style you can figure out what your launch angle is. You can figure out if you're working on speed. Like i m trying to figure out if your speed is actually going up you can measure it week by week. The numbers it spits out are incredibly accurate there within two percent of a twenty thousand dollar unit and these things costs five hundred dollars and actually if you go to wrap soto dot com slash promo code and fifty bucks off. You're not. There's nothing else that i'm aware of this accurate for that kind of price range. Four hundred fifty dollars where you're going to be able to get launched monitor data just doesn't exist makes practicing legitimately more fun it hundred percent it makes way instead of just banging fifty-seven irons like actually measuring this stuff. The the app automatically tracks your stats. Stores video with shot tracer helps club gaping and understanding distances for each club it provides immediate feedback and data and the video is super helpful to just see exactly what you did on the swing. It's portable again about the size of a range. Finder can use an indoor outdoor so soto dot com slash. And now you use promo code for fifty dollars off Do this now get on this now. Because i'm not. I'm not positive how long this this deal is going to last but get on it. As as you're listening to this rap sorta dot com slash brooks bryson. All right guys. I need you to explain this all to me as like i just don't know what's going on can you. Can you explain it to me. Gosh where do we start. I mean you're least caught up to date as as to as what happened last week but the pga championship video. Right i know the meme. Yeah brooks with the interview and walks behind him. So i'm i'm good from there. But like what specifically was going on this week. So here's what happens brooks so in that happening The the the match was announced the match. Four point zero was announced and bryson his pairing up with aaron rodgers brooks tweets out. Sorry bro at aaron rodgers and on twitter and everyone goes nuts and bryson replies It's nice living rent free in your head which is like the most bryce and trash talk ever rooks replies with a snapchat video from someone in the crowd at kiawah bryson hits shot and somebody else. No shah brooke see and bryson. Does the exact wrong thing you should do in this narrow turns around and says whoever saying brooks he needs to get out of here and of course like that's just going to encourage more people to do it in fact the part of my take. Podcast put a call out for listeners to say this to bryson during tournaments so of course this happens on friday on repeat bryson seems very well prepared for it and their police following the group..

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