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Or Trey Lance or Mac Jones. Me the order. Justin Fields. Trey Lance Mack Jones, I think said it there yourself Fields. I don't I don't get the smoke around him not being one of the franchise type guys in this draft class, like the way he played. And Ohio State, a high level against cleanse in this past year against Alabama. Yeah, there's some bad games on his tape, but he runs a 44 and has a cannon and his very accurate down the football field and I get the Ohio State quarterback knock, but he is playing a vastly different offense than what Dwayne Haskins did. Dwayne Haskins had over half his yards. After the catch. In his time in Ohio State, Justin Fields 70% of his yards came through there that is the highest of any quarterback in the country. So playing a different game at the quarterback position than what we've seen from Ohio State ups in the past and his tray lands a year waiting to maybe be a starting quarterback here. You're taking somebody who I guess for the lack of a better term of project. I think so. I think he's incredibly gifted athlete in terms of Prague and running around the 45 story. That's what he's capable of pride. The best pure runner at the position draft class has the strongest arm of any quarterback in the draft class, and he is a very good decision maker with a football obviously didn't have a single pick back in 2019, but gets the ball where it needs to go. He's just Not particularly accurate on Lee, one years starter coming from the competition level, he's coming from all those things. I would not want to thrown to the wolves right away, but he is the youngest of this bunch. He's not even 21 years old yet what he could be when he's you know Mac Jones, his age. Joe Burrows age coming out. We don't even know yet. That's kind of what you're buying into. With all the physical tools. He brings the table very reminiscent of like a Josh Allen coming out of Wyoming. He's my runner, the pro football Focus League draft analyst. I was watching Kyle pits Pro day yesterday. And he makes it look pretty easy. Um I know it sees it. He's label too tight end, but it's It's kind of like a big wide receiver who's lining up the tight end here. If you look at Devante Smith, I even added scout yesterday, say Jalen Waddle, in his opinion is better than Devante Smith on He's the one who told me about Jamaar Chase said. He'll be a bit He's the better wide receiver than Devante Smith. So if you put them all together their pits Tamar Chase Devante Smith, Jalen Waddle rank those Well, one. I don't think you can go wrong. All those guys are stud NFL prospects. But on the Pff board, it goes pits. Chase Waddle and then Smith as the fourth and it's because of The physical tools and what it takes to translate to the next level, and we're usually low on tight ends. There's not a lot of difference makers at the tight end position in the NFL. You got about three. But it's the three guys that can actually win one on one against NFL cornerbacks, and I think that's the biggest things because If you have a guy like a Jason Witten or his Acker. It's all you need to do is put a big corner back on them, and they can't separate. That's not the case with scalp. It's he was beating SEC cornerbacks like Jacey Horn. And so if you just call them a wide receiver, he'd probably be in that mix for the top wide receiver in this class, but you can't match up with them as a wide receiver. You have to match up with his title because he can actually block now another guy. He's only 20 years old. So he's Incredible talent, obviously going to go high. But then chase is the guy was kind of getting forgotten about. She opted out this past year, but as pro day runs in the four threes Monster Vertical Monster broad jump in explosive guy. What he did again at 19 years old, the SEC just different and the Waddle thing Waddle. Actually, when they were both healthy on the football field this past year, he had more yards than Devante. Smith just could not stay healthy is the more dynamic athlete and you get no knock on Smith, but 170 pounders. That's going to show up more of the NFL level. Then it didn't college guys. We're gonna get more physical. Your average cornerback in the NFL is around £200.30 pounds heavier than Devante Smith. That's just going to be more of an issue. Give me the stat or stats that we need to be aware of that makeup like a great wide receiver. Make because make Levin says what? Receptions aren't important, right? Yes, They're like hits in baseball. Okay, so give us what to look. How do we, you know, equate value at the positions. I think a big stat to look forward while she is a judge adjusted production and production being like yards per out how much you're actually producing, given the opportunities you're given. And so that's the sound. You just made something up, didn't he? Oh, Yards per out being like how often you're on the football field. How many argue gains for the opportunities you were given? Because if you're an offense like Ellis, you 2019 were you having 700 drop X? You have a ton of opportunities. Your yard for rounds. Going to be at your your total yards is gonna be a lot different from any guy who runs maybe at Navy who's not getting it out lad up to is not so badly. That's a rig Regis example. But And then the age adjustment is big because again, you developed so much physically over the course of your career in college. You want the guys who can do it when they're not the physical freaks the guys who are producing US freshmen sophomores when they don't have that inbuilt physical advantage. To speak to their and they talent level. The guys who it turns on late in their career, when they're finally the guy who's the man amongst boys, so speak Those the guys who worry about because you won't be the man amongst boys once you are in the NFL. Okay? Give me the best receiver in football. Hoof Right now I'll go Attire kills the best receiver football. The guy I would want more than anyone else that the way he changed this again when the best tight end and football Yes, I am football. Is George kettle all around when healthy because of his blocking, plus his receiving ability. Who's the worst quarterback in football? The worst quarterback in football is Taysom Hill. Count as a quarterback at this point, I guess Mr Biscuit got jobs Still, I'll go. You're not sold on taste him. It was a quarterback. I am not sold as much as Sean Payton wants to sell them to May. I'm not buying what he's selling at this point. He just you watch him try to throw Passing concepts that aren't play action, deep shots or that like stuff that I have to actually go through progressions to get the ball. We're just to go, actually, and it's pretty brutal to watch. Wow. Polly wants to defend Mitchell. Travis Key, Can you? Yeah, He's 29 21 is the starter. Not a lot of people with that in his first for you. Yeah. I think victories are overrated to write nice things. I think you would agree with you there. Yeah. Victories air over it. Yes, McLovin. Yeah, Taysom Hill was basically every game he started to what's up there? We'll let you go, Mike. You don't have to do the Oh, in cage. It's okay like this. What? I deal with every single day. Uh, great. Shabby on. We'll have you on before the draft. If that's okay, Mike. We appreciate your time is always Surgeon. Thanks very much. That's Mike Renner. Pro football Focus. Lead draft analyst Yes, my club. He can't keep up analytics with the dad. That's we were schooling him right there. Paulie. Strabinsky Stack way he brought up in a judge something agent just age adjusted. Do you like? He took the question about seven levels. Password where you were the hell instead like can I use that in my job yards per route is the big areas. I don't know what the hell he's talking about. Like it's not even yards. No.

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