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Of the way that i'm doing the the show notes so before i'd kind of go bullet by bullet kind of what we talked about but I'm getting lazy. So i'm just giving you a description of kind of what we're talking about in the episode and then we'll give you the important links which will take you to the pages where you can read more in depth about it but Listen to the episode. Don't just read the show notes but either way any to see your pretty kids. Yep my kids. Are there too in the video. Which is pretty awesome. It's really great in what's what's interesting you know back to our souvenir salesman role because it's funny. We talked about yeah. We talked about our city like so much just because got for christmas and we'd used it probably every day since that dog today. Yeah i had some While game they had set in the icebox. Two long and i had run out of chicken for the dog. So i just see vs some while was probably not acceptable for human consumption but okay for the dog taco bell meet. You know that taylor. We got the outer tail to that. Was that wasn't even like a julie role that wasn't even a tenderloin of the tail. Just a piece of which part of the. I mean. I don't know what section on the table does this outer tail me. It was a tender. Yeah very tender super super good flavor. Yeah definitely making that one again. I mean besides the filming that took obviously longtime to dukes always does. But that's really a fairly quick recipe once once you get allowed. The traffic is literally the longest part because once you throw the alligator in the suv e an three hours but not that long for slow cooking something and then just in. You came up with the recipe on the way up here to see us as i'm deb breasts. So the the famed three ingredient miniature dove wellington's and people are gonna like blow gasket at that but yeah so Basically some good old comfort food when it boils down to you. And i mean if you've had beef. Wellington venison wellington. or all. These other things it's very classic Very good description for a very classic yet. It's all comfort food really. Yeah has just bread in company Around beat yeah this year. So it with a wellington you you can get very fancy she. Can you like rap. The meat in shudo and mix and truffles and mushrooms. All this other stuff we we took all that and we just tossed it out and we need you. Yeah so Dove are amazing and most commonly people make doth poppers but we wanted to do something different. Which kind of spawned this. And i was like what if we take the little dove breasts and we caught them in Like a stone ground mustard or you could even use like a german mustard or anything in then we take crisanto because who doesn't croissants and we form a little Layer of crisanto Yeah yeah a little neat dove breast package out of out of crisanto and then throw it on a smoker and let it cook or the oven. Whichever one you have handy but I was super.

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