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News time eight oh five art sanders you top local stories from the komo 247 news center can county sheriff's deputies fired after he admits to pepper spraying homeless man's water bottle derek busy all had been a deputy for nine years when he's working a homeless encampment in fall city and internal investigation found that he had become frustrated with the homeless problem and use the pepper spray to deter the man from returning to the can for years letters the state to as well there's with eagle matter hi does your also admitted that it wasn't the first time he had done something like this as a result of the investigation zeal was fired by sheriff john her card last week of the past four mayors for the city of seattle only one of them has been re elected to a second term the political consultant tells carlos charlie harder there's good reason for that come on seattle face it you know your beautiful and you're smart like really really smart now what they are they are more educated odor in any major municipal in america and that according to strategies cabby alan is why it's difficult for mayors like paul shell might begin and now it murray would get people who could do a better job than that i it went and i think that what we are people who have their own idear definitely a pound where we don't necessarily now i'm gonna elect guy and hope eddie go ahead a good job oh how when you elect someone you would be absolutely clear about power what you want a perfect circumstances for all of them leaving office they're different but what they have in common they were all killed the door by seattle voters charlie harger komo news because mary ed murray is getting out of the race there are new questions about what happens next with a proposed nba nhl arena seattle times reporter jeff baker tells combo murray may not have the political capital needed a push a plan through quickly so he managed to have a good amount of sway over that counsel now that he's going to be stepping out of the limelight stepped out of power i mean we all know what's going to happen after that this summer mayor murray is expected to decide between two proposals to renovate key arena from there the city council would decide between that project on the competing soto.

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