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It's they get it right for some big name teams, big name players, hopefully too old in their mid thirties to come over here and make Miami of look. It's gonna be good to the league. I hope that's all important max Bernas recently moving from essential Connecticut to Los Angeles max. What do you miss most about central Connecticut. And what do you like least about Los Angeles? Because I think this goes the other way we're going, oh my God, LA the sun, Connecticut the winter. So I'll let you go the other way. What do you most miss about living here and what you least like about Los Angeles? I miss live. I miss being forty five minutes from a little ski area which we had there. Central Connecticut. So if I wanted to go skiing, it was right there, which is really cool little feature. I miss Neopolitan style pizza from New Haven like pep as pizza. The best pizza in the world is in New Haven, Connecticut, and I have no legions there. I say that freely 'cause it's really, really good. The white clam with the extra garlic beat that ever had. I miss some of the breweries around there. I guess I had a couple of ones in Hartford, and I miss the season when the seasons start. You see that it's really cool. But once it gets in the winter, you hate the seasons but seeing autumn and so forth. Go in about LA. Obviously, traffic traffic is one, two and three on the list. Traffic than Toronto. It's just getting really bad. I mean, from the last time I lived here to now I'm in traffic all the time. Hopefully moving soon I'm staying in my in-laws. It has a height, which is about thirty miles east of downtown moving to Redondo beach at a bit, which is very little bit closer. So that show alleviate some of that traffic, but l. traffic without a doubt. I can't think of anything else. LA's is a great city. I call the greatest city in the world is always stuff to do. If you wanna go to concert in a cemetery, you can do it. Listen, you're born in Ohio Illit seven years Australia. As you sit Miami guy, mom family there. Obviously, you went Florida state be of lived in LA now, ten plus years overall, when you go the two stints, you're saying LA better than the mall. I was in LA now let's see six sixteen years total and par. All my family's in Miami mom's sister ball, the nephews, cousins, uncles grandmas there. I just saw my grandmother just fella. Lita just saw she celebrated ninety six birthday. She's been wanting to check out for five years, but they're keeping her on this plane and I love it. 'cause she's the matriarch of our family. So Miami's very here for me, but I got pay some more visits out there as well, but certainly not in August. Perfectly in November, December, but I was just there and it was. I remembered why Miami can be a little more seasonal for me, but I do miss it. Speaking of which update on the Miami logo situation. I tweeted out a picture of it, but instead of writing big day for ROY bell, may I accidentally wrote but day for ROY. Bellamy's. So you gotta work on that right. It comes full circle with, but I do like that that isn't egret for Flamingo or a couple of goes. So I have no idea. Good, good. What's Flagler dog track back in the day. Yeah. As we let you go max, I just don't know, is David Bowie? Have any inkling about what's happening with Elliot? See the team that you're calling the play by play voice of Elliot, c, is David Bowie involved? Is he aware what's going happen? House can hold. They want all of it home game. But every time I play time show a single song Like like this. any looking. Oh. But I've been fucking day in the rainy..

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