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He knows my driving style. He understands Truckee balloons, shown weather, stuff like this and what to expect the changes to be from qualifying to the race. But I do get quite analytical when it comes to what I can improve with. So I do spend a lotta time as much as I can anyway, downtime. Looking at data analyzing, I can do to improve driver and make myself Fuster every single. It was Annette's brilliant. And I, I admire totally for that where can formulate go. And I don't mean locations. As a sport, you know. Your own attractive around in circles. Gary. Nowhere. Where can it go? Where can it put itself in the sporting calendars would go. If one it's Monaco. We'll meet Rigo and make that sort of happen. I mean, look, former is still new and it's it's like a baby that growing up still, but it's gaining followers, which is great. The technology is drawing in big manufacturers, which is very important. And I think it's important to recognize the fact that former is relevant technology to the here and now and enter the future. You look at Formula one and I, I love from, I was involved in it and it's great to have Formula one still around. But the technology that is in Formula one, I believe currently is only relevant supercars hypercard that you can buy for one million dollars plus, that's that's the technology that's in Formula. One. The technology is going into former Rijkaard's is gonna filter down onto the production line, and it's going to be in the everyday vehicle, the new, they're going to be coming out in the next few years. Let's face it. That's far more relevant. To every single person sitting home right now because in full five years time, people will only be driving hybrids and electric vehicles. So I think that's what makes full Marie quite exciting by relevant current and and good for the younger generation of. So I think the sky's the limit, to be honest with formerly. I think it could grow and grow and progress and progress to the point where it is watched by millions of people worldwide. Betsy makes Walsum racist today. We will be driving tomorrow. It will take maybe a little bit of a higher central grab it is happening with some of. Opponents at the moment the the software that has gone from their risk cars is actually filter down into production causing combined today. The people can actually afford so it is working ready. Well, what you're racing today. I was hoping to raise tomorrow because I was going to show up and just ask, can I drive your car..

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