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Sweeping changes in how multinational companies are taxed The prime goal of the complex discussions is to deter global companies from stashing profits in countries where they pay little or no tax better known as tax havens the sweeping deal was agreed on Friday among 136 countries in talks overseen by the organization for economic cooperation and development the most important feature is a global minimum tax of at least 15% That was a key initiative pushed by president Joe Biden and treasury secretary Janet Yellen Yellen says the minimum tax will end a decades long race to the bottom due to countries cutting tax rates I'm Charles De Ledesma Amid the wild swings of the pandemic job market the government's September employment report showed employers added 194,000 jobs in normal times a decent monthly gain but short of expectations When COVID-19 hit in March of last year it triggered a short harsh recession that erased 22 million jobs since then employers have added back 17 million as huge infusions of federal aid but money in people's pockets in the rollout of vaccines gave many of the confidence to return to shops restaurants and bars Until the delta variant erupted From January through July private sector businesses added an average of more than half a million jobs per month But last month that dropped to 317,000 Still two positive numbers jump out The Labor Department revised up its hiring estimate for July and August by 169,000 in the unemployment rate dropped to 4.8% Ben Thomas Washington Iraq's elections on Sunday come with enormous challenges Iraq's economy has been battered by years of conflict endemic corruption and more recently the coronavirus pandemic state institutions are failing while the countries infrastructure crumbles as well powerful paramilitary groups increasingly threaten the authority of the state and hundreds of thousands of people are still displaced from the years of war while few Iraqis can expect meaningful change in their day to day lives the parliament elections will shape the direction of Iraq's foreign policy at a key time in the Middle East including as Iraq is mediating between regional rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia I am Charles De Ledesma If you've got a personal auto insurance question you could talk to a cab driver although the policies he recommends might include avoiding the interstate beating traffic by taking the back roads and only making left turns when absolutely necessary Or you could talk to your local Geico agent whose policy is to use their expertise to navigate your insurance finding the best route to help you save money on insurance for your home car and.

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