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All right goes, would you have for Paul Felder Paul wanted to talk a little bit about preparation for fighting and for broadcasting anytime something new I know like early on in our show we used to just prep a ton. And then after a while you get into Brigham learn new things and things start to change. So for me. My question is what's the biggest difference from what you did preparation wise for your very first fight and your very first broadcasting gig to what you do now. Why as far as the fight? I can I can tell you from my my first amateur fight. I I didn't know what the hell. I was doing. I was still drinking on the weekend hanging out with my friends, and then I would train all week and. Puke. And after my first amateur Pike's ourselves off that I had no idea about dryland Russia's and all that kind of stuff is now, obviously, you know, eight ten weeks out. I don't talk to drop of anything. I eat super clean, and I probably in my first pro profile was over trained trying to prepare for five minute round. And as far as broadcasting the first one which was contender series. I that was I had to do most of my preparation on the flight from Scotland to Vegas because I was in training camp the whole time and bought the Sunday before the contender series which aired on Tuesday. So from Sunday to Tuesday, I had to like cram. And studied these guys. Luckily, it was only five fights, which was doable. Now, you know, these cars that are twelve thirteen fights. You know, I'm starting a couple of weeks out on by preparation and watching and studying notes and things like that. A guy like James Vick. When it comes to per preparing for a guy like him. He's got a unique body frame one that you can you almost can't understand how he could make that weight. I know you come from a great, Jim. I know you guys have tons of guys. But how many guys do you have that can mimic that style? And have that body type that you're going to be working with? We have a couple of moisture I guys train there and come through that are about six two six three good kicks. Good range as Gerald Moore. Chartres? I think six one Mike big erodes sticks. One of these guys are bigger than me, even bigger than Vick, you know, their middleweight. So I just have to work with bigger bodies, and you know, deal with even harder in the long run. Also Brandon Allen who's elevate Cam. He I think he's going to be back in camp. Same time. I am. I hope he is at least maybe I can at least bring him in. He's a great farm part him. And he's good on the ground. He's got good jokes. And I think he's six, but his reach is is ridiculous is reaches actually longer than the taller James Vick. So he's good to work with just 'cause I gotta get inside of that range and try to deal with his long punches. And that's what Nick does really. Well, I've got a really good job. Good Br rear uppercut, good knees. So he he was really helping me when I was preparing for him the first time round. So I'm hoping we can get him back into in the camp for this next one time for the for the fight analyst, Dan, Tom, Dan, what do you ever Paul Felder? Hey, paul. I'm looking at. This fight words located actually kind of interests me the most about this booking because not only should it. Be a fun fight obviously between you two. But you and James I would argue probably have some of the bigger wake cuts. Notably. Maybe in the division. I would say. Obviously people who spent time around you know, that you're a sizable lightweight, but I think that secret is kind of out now, you know, especially with a little scale thing that was posted this last week and have used. Stupid on my part, by the way. Well, let me ask you. But I don't wanna I don't wanna out you hear Paul. But, but, but you know, we've seen the commissions, especially when fights take place in California. You know, drew dober- is a guy that comes to mind in your division who kinda got got got nicked, and a recommended a strong recommendation, if you.

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