Donald Trump, Federal Government, NPR discussed on Delaware News at noon with Allan Loudell


The one an ally how's the personal experience with this because i have worked there both at npr and at pbs so i do know a little bit of what i'm talking about at least from the insider perspective and a water shock the npr website is outraged the upset trump because trump proposes cutting all federal funds for npr ntb s well that's not necessarily a new republican or conservative proposal is it time to say guess what sorry big bird you're going to have to go somewhere else for your money siree nova sorry programs that push climate change and that whole narrative am bill nye the science guy and his whole narrative you're going to have to go elsewhere to get your money because the federal government is not going to pay for it this is what npr is saying the of twenty nine team federal budget and by the way it is the 2019 even though today is february were in the early thursday february 13th against about what's tomorrow coming up a little later the show but this is the time of year wherever they planned the 2019 federal budget the budget that the white house unveiled monday again proposes cutting all federal funding for the corporation for public broadcasting which funnels money boy is an interesting choice of words because it has that connotation funnel money to npr in pbs a potential move that the cbp carburetion for president corporation for public broadcasting president quickly slammed well of course they did if you got free money for doing the business of what frankly is quite liberal politicians you'd be absent in a statement here's what the presidency of cpb corporation for public broadcasting patricia harrison excoriated the proposal suggesting it might even lead to fatalities i'll give me a break you're gonna cut pbs and you're going to cut npr funds and that is going to lead to fatalities well that's what they say here's what she said american's place great value on having universal access to public media's the longer notice how it's no longer public television it's no longer public radio it's public media has been that way for a long time and guess what if you've got a phone you have access if you've got a screen you have access if you have a tv set you.

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