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And Roy of course has been a lawyer. He was the former president of the Oakland A.'s when his family own that team and now teaches law and sports at UC. Berkeley and Roy. Baseball note to start this thing off. Mlb and the MLB players association are exploring various plans to hold as long as season is possible on among them as a plan that would drop each team into one of three hubs Arizona Florida or Texas and the three division ten team plan would have teams play only within their division a concept gaining support among owners and executives and it would abolish the traditional American and National Leagues and realigned the divisions based on geography. I thought about it for just a second and then I smiled and I said you know. Maybe this isn't such a bad idea. Now you're a baseball guy so you know the inner workings of the sport A little bit better than I do but tell me what your reaction was to this story. I agree I wanna be kind of glass. Half full Attitude this thing I mean if we can get baseball back and it's something for people to watch That's all a positive What worries me is playing in the summer in Arizona and Florida Arizona. You know it can be up in Phoenix in a parameter hundred and five hundred and ten degrees and so I don't know how that's GonNa work. Also the players would be isolated from their families. If you live if you play for the Detroit Tigers. Your family's in Detroit I presume. That's not so great but You know I trust that. The Players Association work crews these things with the owners if they can figure out a way to do it. I'm all for it. I don't know how good Revenues will be broadcast obviously won't be revenues from Fan Attendance so. We'll see but let's be positive. Is this season for all sports. You think no matter whether it's college or professional sports that you just tinker with a lot of different things that you almost right off the season. Let's see what works. What doesn't what we can use out of this season to apply to next season. I'm beginning to get that feeling. Do you get the same thing. Yeah well particularly with baseball where they could tinker for example with the electronic strike zone and that would actually be helpful to the plate umpire. They can tinker with some of the other rule changes. They're thinking about as well but I don't know you know you gotTa Taste Sport by sport. I don't know what the NBA would do differently I know sure what the NFL would do differently. But Baseball is definitely right. For some of the experiments they have going on in the Minor Leagues. Right now that Electric strikes on being the most prominent. We've talked about this before. Yeah we've talked about this a little bit before when the NRA. I was taking it up. And they had to put off their conference meeting And will vote on it a little bit later on in the year and that is college. Athletes may be able to begin cashing in on their name. Image and likeness. Soon a significant development occurred on Tuesday as the NC double a board of governors supported proposed rule changes from a working group to allow athletes to take advantage of these rights in other words. Athletes could soon receive compensation for third party endorsements social media influence personal appearances and their own businesses. All for the first time. Now I like the idea of this but I'm concerned a little bit Roy that this might get out of control real quick and maybe there are some things that can be done under this. That aren't going to be as beneficial either for the athlete or for College Sports. Am I over being overly concerned about this? You think well yes. I do Because look at that you have in College Sports. Now take your shoes. Scandal is one of the most recent ones and the fact that we have players going to college for six months to play basketball and leave and go play in the NBA. So I think the system in college already broke when it comes to Some of the under the table kind of scheme so I I WANNA look at this from a positive point of view there. Lot of athletes in the country who play either in in in schools. That don't have big time. Football programs or play in some of the lesser conferences are playing some of the lesser pop Famous sports who can take advantage of this? Let's say you're great woman. Volleyball player Great Women's softball pitcher or something like that you can get some local endorsements probably and help subsidize your education. You couldn't get before the fact that some recruiting Guy For the World Champion College Football Team is GONNA PERHAPS BEND. The rules strikes me as kind of beside the point because I think those rules already are getting bent so I prefer to look at this. From the point of view of the less famous athletes will have a chance to teach a teacher camp for example teach swimming And advertise the fact that they play they swim for. University of Wyoming. Or whatever the case may be so. I'm looking at it from that side. Not The side of what Michael. I know you're concerned about the future of college. Basketball after the announcement that five star recruits jailing green. He's GonNa Forego. Is College Career? Join A reshaped. Nba Professional Pathway Program. Now the G. League initiative will pay top prospects like green five hundred thousand dollars plus and set them up in a one year development program outside the typical minor league structure as the professional pathways. First participant he is going to be the guy that will be in their first. He's eighteen years old. He chose the G. League over. Scholarship OFFERS FROM AUBURN IN MEMPHIS as well as a contract from the Australian National Basketball League as well. What do you see is the ramifications if any on college basketball with this decision I think in the long run? It's going to be good because right now college basketball. I was basically a free Development Program for the for the NBA. And it's very rare that you will see athletes such as the ones you described play for four years you get some unusual schools like Butler and Gonzaga where they have figured out how to do that but they're the exception rather than the rule. I'd like to see if the kid wants to go to into the pros. Outta high school and he can do it even if that means G. League for year two that's fine. Let them choose that career rather than going to this Faults notion that he's a student athlete for six months at some. Big Time College Basketball Power. So I'm in favor of it I think. Then we'll what we'll do is we'll get college basketball back to the point where you do see this two three four year players who become quite court sadly in quite good players playing the game rather than the one and done just a couple of other guys to feed them all so I think in the long run. It's going to be good for college basketball. I mentioned to you before I have read an awful lot of names of Athletes that are leaving the college ranks and going into the G. League or trying to make it in the NBA. And I'm just wondering if this continues at this particular rate and with this new program and of course there's another program out there on the horizon as well along the same lines as the G. League. I'm concerned that maybe the talent dilution that may not be available then to the college ranks and how fans will respond to that. I think we'd be just fine. Remember this was something that was invented back in in the days of the Roman Empire. This rule didn't until two thousand and five and Lebron James said for example came right out of high school. We seem to have survived. All of that college program seem to be doing fine so I think that we just go back to the way used to be and if if NBA teams WanNa take a risk on a high school player and draft them. Then fine let them use their first or second round pick that way. I think I think the talent market and the and the general pressure on the NBA draft the best possible player. They can is GONNA be a sufficient guard rail. I think college basketball will survive all of this quite well. We only have a minute left but one of the things I like about this. Nba Program the primary focus of the program will be to prepare players for life in the NBA. And I think that that's an important thing for them to do. That's a huge thing. Because you know they come in they. If your first round pick you get seven million dollars a year roughly for four years and unfortunately some of these players. Not all develop a lifestyle. That's based on seven million dollars. A year of annual income. The problem is that goes away after four years and they find themselves trying to figure out how they're going to afford all of these luxuries that they really didn't realize they couldn't afford so I think preparing them for the financial future is one of the critical things the NBA should be doing okay. I appreciate it enjoy the weekend. My friend and we'll talk to you next week. Find something you can do other than sports. 'cause we're both having to deal with that? I'll do my best. Okay Right Roy. Eisenhart with us as he is each week very interesting insights on what the segment we call inside angle. He's been a lawyer former president of the Oakland A.'s. When his family owned that team and now he teaches law and sports at UC Berkeley. And if you'd like to ask a question of Roy easy to do email it to me at Ron at sports byline and that's B. Y. L. I. E. Ron it's sports byline dot com when we come back on the other side. Baron Davis is GonNa talk some basketball with us in you on Sports Beila. It has been said that everyone has a book them. But you have the time or the ability to write your book. Maybe you picked up some skills or head a life experience that you want to pass on in the form of a book to help others..

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