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Undergo a mental health evaluation suggesting he suffers from post traumatic stress disorder. Web is assigned to Eglin Air Force Base in Florida and was visiting family in the Rockford Illinois area. I'm Jackie Quinn, the cover 19 situation continues to get worse in Los Angeles. There's a B C's Kaylee Hartung in just days L. A county expected to surpass 10,000 deaths related to covert 19, the county taking new action requiring old travelers to quarantine for 10 days as the region reports a 600% increase in deaths since November, on average 9 to 10 people in L. A county test positive for covert 19. Every minute. 96% of hospitals in L. A county had no room for emergency patients over the weekend. Some hospitals now putting patients in conference rooms and even give shops because of the lack of space as the virus surges across the country. Just over two million vaccine doses have been administered. White House task force, pushing its goal of vaccinating 20 million Americans by the end of the year to January. And now 1/5 vaccine is entering phase three trials. But the vaccine rollout hasn't been without difficulties. One pharmacy in Milwaukee, forced to throw out 50 vials. That's 500 doses of the majority vaccine after they were inadvertently removed from the refrigerator and spoiled, saying in a statement. While some of the vaccine was administered a team members on December 26th within the approved 12 hour post refrigeration window. Unfortunately, most of it had to be discarded due to the temperature storage requirements necessary to maintain its viability and in New York criminal investigation is underway. After Park your community health allegedly diverted doses to more than 850 people, not on the priority list Park here saying they're actively cooperating. We will not tolerate any fraud. In the vaccination process, Frontline health care workers and nursing home residents and staff will continue to receive their vaccinations. Today. That's a B C's Kaylee Hartung. The NFL is releasing its latest round of testing results shows there were 21 new positive cases among players for covert 19. The testing happened during the week of December 20th to the 26th another 37 team personnel tested positive in that same period. As it stands, the NFL has had a total of 222 players and 396 personnel test positive since they began that program August 1st. That's out of more than 881,000 tests that have been administered. Meanwhile, in Russia doubt cast about the death toll. It's reportedly more than three times higher than the government claim. That's according to Ross staff, which is the State statistical Agency in Moscow. The group says that between January and November, the number of deaths from all causes rose by more than 229,000 compared to the same period last year. Officials say that's largely because the pandemic, Russia officially reports more than three million infection cases with just over 55,000 deaths. However, the latest findings could mean the death toll that there is at least 186,000. Here in the United States. The death toll is over. 333,000 It's 2 58 coma time for an update on our propel insurance business news Here's Jim Tesco. After powering to new highs on Monday, Stocks retreated today. The market, finishing with very modest losses. The Dow Jones industrials East 68 points the S and P 500 slipped eight. The NASDAQ composite fell 49 evidence that the housing market remains quite strong. Despite the ongoing pandemic. The S and P Corelogic Case Shiller National Home.

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