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How many times have you heard people say this, especially talk host? You can't make this stuff up. You cannot. You can't make it up. If someone predicted this earlier this week the memo in the New York Times and don't forget about Woodward's book with which I've ordered. I haven't read yet. But I it's so sad to see Woodward other legendary Woodward and Bernstein, kind of fall from grace and lose credibility. And the only thing that's more embarrassing than watching Woodward on CNN is is Lanny Davis on CNN. It's kind of sad. I think these people got roped in they got on the Trump train the hate Trump train, and they refuse to get off. Now, the hate Trump train is it's going ninety five miles an hour. They have no idea where it's going. But it's it's not working as they thought it would work. Now, I want to take some calls because we have a ton of calls thrilled about and that's always the case on the Rush Limbaugh show, eight hundred two eight to twenty eight eighty two the anonymous if you're just tuning in the anonymous essay slash memo slash I call it a wine fest as in W H I any this is unlike the founding fathers the way this individual rights, unlike the founding fathers, it's it's it's unlike thousands of others who patriots that came before us this individual is a petty uninformed coward who didn't want to stand up because here's the deal. And if you are a whistle blower in the government or in a company, you know this. You you you have to come clean with who. You are like our guests did last last hour rich Higgins, he wrote a memo. He he saw what was going on in his opinion. And he went public and then Bye-bye. He was he was run out. That's usually the process. That's how it happens when when people in our history sign their name to documents, and they lose their life over at the declaration of independence comes to mind. That's a resistance. The fact that you're calling yourself part of a resistance when we have the best Konami in history. More than two million jobs created mortgage applications at a seven year, high Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Successful trips and dialogue with China and North Korea renegotiating NAFTA withdrew from TPP got out of the Paris accord, fixing the VA raising the military's pay the Keystone Pipeline of approved food stamps at the lowest level in seven years. And you're part of a resistance. What are you resisting? What what are you resisting? Here's what I think you're resisting. I think you lost. And it's getting worse and worse for you to get up. I think people that voted for Hillary and still think Hillary is president. I think it's getting tougher and tougher to process this I didn't think it would take this long. I knew it would get worse. But I didn't think it would take this long three hundred four electoral votes for Donald Trump Hillary had two hundred twenty seven Donald Trump who was president now, by the way. He won thirty states. Hillary won twenty states. President Donald Trump won the vast majority of United States counties two thousand six hundred and forty nine Hillary one five hundred and three counties. What do you not get that? This is a legitimate functioning president supported by the American people other than that. You're you're thinking, you might lose your job. Because if look if President Trump keeps draining the swamp there's gonna be a lot of disgruntled memo's, maybe maybe you're drunk girlfriend or boyfriend is encouraging you want to write a memo here having beer. Senate into the Senate into the New York Times, they'll publish it. They'll publish anything eight hundred two eight to twenty eight eighty two let's go to. Is that Mace?.

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