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We hope you're happy safe healthy and we hope that you're looking forward to another dallas cowboys game two days for now. It's been a rough week for the cowboys. It's been a rough actual like seven days from this point a week ago michael gallup. Obviously you calf-strain three to five weeks injured reserve lau collins suspension randy gregory place in the cova. This demarcus lawrence broken foot now. This donovan wilson situation. It's tough cookies. And i know he didn't have an episode of the show yesterday. But here's the deal whenever we do have something else that we can substitute where we have conversations. We definitely want to share those with you. You'll notice or you obviously didn't notice that we shared the emergency session and discussion that myself. Bobby bell david. Howman tony catalina. And i all had said. I myself twice. So forget that but that we had on wednesday night in the aftermath of the demarcus lawrence news. Obviously you're going to be interesting game for the cowboys to see how things fair for them. Against the chargers we do have a madden simulation. I won't tell you who won. But we did take obviously all these players out of the game which made it tough and that should be dropping on our youtube channel soon but in terms of relevant news today demarcus lawrence placed on injured reserve. That's not exactly shocking. We knew that was coming demonte. Casey was added to the cowboys. Injury report on thursday with a thigh injury not exactly ideal again for a team. That could be down three defensive starters against a very good offensive very good quarterback this week randy gregory democracy lawrence donovan. Wilson donovan wilson. Missed practice for the second straight day so that is also not ideal in sean. Reid did return to practice from his non football related reason for missing on wednesday. Hopefully all is well with him. You know this. This has been tough and thursday was an interesting day because they washington football team in new york. Giants played into the kind of just put in perspective. How winnable division is and this was a great game between washington and new york washington one on a last second field goal. The giants are so inept i mean. I don't like to pat myself on the back. But i am really proud of calling the giants. We're going to be just like an at people. Thought they were going to be bad. I knew they were going to be a dumpster. Fire just couldn't get out of their own way and so watching that game though kind of makes you realize how winnable this thing really is for the cowboys right. I think that's that was our takeaway generally on thursday night. You know taylor. Heineke looked fine. Daniel jones actually looked really good and certainly got let down by darius slayton and whatnot. And you know the would be fifty eight touchdown touchdown run. But that's just kind of who the giants are. They're going to stumble. They're gonna fall. They're going to get in their own way. I mean it took. It took running into that for washington to get there first one of the season. And so now you look at it in the pressures on washington's one in one philadelphia's got san francisco in their home opener this week and i think the forty niners win that game but you know. Hey the eagles win there to anno- coming to dallas right from football next week and so the pressure is on the couch to get a win in the pressure doesn't care about all these injuries. The pressure doesn't care about all that happening. The pressure demands results in. I was talking about this with bobby belt who you can here on mondays on cowboys cast here at blog on the boys. And if you think about it. Mike mccarthy has coached five four games with dak prescott. If we don't count. The giants came last year because dak was obviously hurting it in those five full games so the first four games last year. Which were the rams the falcons the browns and the seahawks ended in that order. And then you've got obviously the opener against the buccaneers last week. I was one of those games. And i'm definitely not as out on. Mccarthy is a lot of people are but they are one and four. In the five. Full games mike mccarthy has had back prescott and that one win was by virtue of an insane onside kick. I mean you can go a lot of ways with this. My point is you know i believe me i get an i have said and talked about how in tarrant smith mistimed icons as mistime twice in vanderschmitt time now demarcus lawrence has missing all these situations suck and they are not ideal but he has dak prescott and we all believe that with dak prescott. This is possible and so this is going to be a really really interesting game for the cowboys on sunday. I'm very excited to see what happens. I mentioned we have. The men sim dropping on our youtube channel. Go check that out. Subscribe to our channel please. We also have our game preview. I spoke with. Michael peterson who covers the chargers for sp. Nation does a great job from it. Our ford excuse me and we also have an interview with somebody from his site. Unlike the synergy that we have here. That's been asian drop in later on today here on the bottom of the west podcast network with girls talk and boys so lots of stuff coming your way. We have our preview show. The jersey boys will be here over the weekend and what he's show will be here as well for cowboys. So lots of cowboys content. Coming your way to get you through the weekend until kickoff on sunday the next time you hear from me though here on the podcast network will be the post game show. You can participate in that live on the blog on the boys youtube channel. If you want to We enjoy it's therapeutic. It's cathartic we can kind of get through things together this week though will definitely be celebrating together. Have every weekend. I don't know what you got plan. But i hope it's fantastic and i hope that when we next speak again. The dallas cowboys are one in one. In fact the dallas cowboys will be one in one. Three teams in the nfc. He'll be one. Let's go ahead and say that right now. Hey have a great day. Have the best friday of all time because you deserve it. We will see. Many of my friends.

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