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CBS news on the hour sponsored by theraworx relief. I'm Deborah Rodriguez. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo is going to bat for his boss after an anonymous op-ed in the New York Times, it was written by someone who claims to be a senior administration official struggling to keep the president from disastrous. Missteps I find the media's efforts in this regard to undermine this administration, incredibly disturbing. The president tweeting this morning, blaming the fake news media political analyst, Greg Valliere. I think there's going to be an intense search within the White House to find out who did this. I think a level of paranoia and suspicion will persist, but there could be a pro-trump backlash supreme court nominee. Bright cavenaugh spent twelve hours answering questions from lawmakers in the Senate yesterday, he'll be back for a third and final round this morning after addressing issues from abortion to gun control and presidential power a band. Cars and trucks are scattered along major freeway and northern California where a wildfire has burned through timber and brush on both sides. US forest service spokesperson Kerri green, a priority is this fire because of the threat of property because of the closure of interstate five, which is of course, very a main highway to our state doesn't air tankers and hundreds of firefighters are on the scene. Trying to keep the flames at bay. Life has come to a standstill on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido where at least nine people have been killed more than thirty. Others are missing. After a powerful earthquake CBS is Lucy craft near complete shutdown of infrastructure. No trains. No buses. No subways. Cars can't drag because the roads are a mess and the signals aren't working gasping rationed, North Korean leader, Kim Jong Hoon is reportedly hopeful about what's next with the US CBS, Ben Tracy met with on voice from South Korea. According to the South Koreans. He said that despite difficult. Negotiations. He's still has faith in President Trump and has never spoken. Ill of him. Kim says he wants to end his country's house to relationship with the US by the end of the president's first term in a tweet this past hour, Mr. Trump, thanks Kim. Saying, quote, we will get it done together. Tropical storm, Gordon is gone, but not forgotten. Here's CBS's. Jim Chris.

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