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All these interviews. You will hear this sound between all of the interviews. All the interviews will be time coated in the post. Hello. Thank you to all of my guests. David Gill Bank. Matt pop Roberto Lonza resting Nixon James Clayton. Phil Granger Havana guppy Deb's Howard and Bonnie, hey for making the time during this very busy festival suit to sit down and talk with me. So to start the show here is the original theme song could by Damon Randall of ill-mannered media. Let's all go to the lobby. Let's all go to those lobby. Let's all go to the. Sound? Director and cool writer of Poulter heist is now joining me, David Gill Bank. Welcome. Hello. How are you going to be? So your film Poulter heist, which definitely I had to Google couple times. Because I was like how did he get the trademark for poltergeist? I was pretty sure somebody else had that. And then I was like wait plan words Poulter heist. Exactly rhyme. So very clever talk about this really clever film. I'll thank you very much. I'm well. It was we we'd come up with the idea for poll to heist in effect about oh about eight years ago nine years ago. And we wrote a short script a short film around the idea the central idea was that a psychic medium would be possessed by gangster. And that was the sort of the the idea the central idea of it. And so we wrote a short film, but we didn't have quite the actors because up until then time we don't dishes a couple of people. But they went quite right. And they didn't really have what what I was looking for, you know, I'm heavily influenced by films like get up. Michael Caine film, the British Michael Caine, film and films. The exorcist and the omen and things are that. No. So I wanted to to mash the was up a little bit and and mix it up and get that story. So we came up with the whole idea of the central idea is that too low level gangster sort of soldiers make make a mistake. They accidentally. Somebody who who has access to all this money that they need. So they go and they come up with the bright idea of kidnapping, a psychic medium who will channel some answers all be able to give them spans assist away this booth. This money is is is buried, and of course, they all they do is unleash a demon. Well, somebody who's the foam a boss who's who's out for revenge in a big way. And we wrote the short film in the short film. We found a couple of actors who did a really good job on. So we made a short film and that was about four or five years ago. And that film did very well on the festival circuit when all around the world and off the back of that we developed a bit of momentum. And we raise some cash, and we made a feature film. We wrote a really good script. I thought was a really really good script that just kept the story propelling the story. So we cut all the fat away. We made it was the story was all about was compelling and just kept on moving. So I think you might if you've seen the film you'll see that they it just moves it gave moves really really quickly. And there's there's not a lotta time to sit in just a little what's going on. It just the story keeps going on. And that's what we wanted to do. I consider myself a commercial filmmaker somebody who makes it film that we're audiences. You don't have to go and pull them to the meaning of life audiences will go in and they'll get a lot of bang for their buck. This is this is in every sense of the word. This was an indie film, a very low budget indie film, but we may damn show that we had a really good scrip. But we also had some really good actors, and I got an young up and coming director photography to actually get make the vision come alive as it were. And we put together pretty good film, which I will. I like to think it's a pretty good film agree as well, though. You know, and so it's in every essence of the way, it's a low budget..

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