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I do think it's close because for one if they can't trade for him this summer, then he goes he goes another year New Orleans. I think the window closes all around for the Lakers because if you have to wait another year, so when he gets free agency to get him on the Lakers, LeBron he's another year older. And I just think the whole window of having them with LeBron over with. That's my same argument. Why would I want to go and play if I can't play with LeBron James next season? And I have to go another year where LeBron quality thirty five thirty six. Why be twenty six twenty seven years old? I wanna play with somebody. That's my agent, you know, has five to eight year run that I can go with. I don't think the Lakers are going to be able to hold out that long. They would have to hold Amax Alary slot for Anthony Davis in twenty twenty which means it have you another season. Not as this is where they had to have all these guys on one years, right like Lance Stevenson, Richon, Rondo and everything they'd have to do that all over again next season to keep holding the cap space open for Anthony Davidson, twenty twenty I can't see why that would make sense for them either. Brian in column was saying look if the Lakers didn't have the assets at the trade deadline to trade for AD. Maybe they can try to get them trade other teams sort of like the clippers made this trade with Philly. They got more assets in and then they are now maybe in the Anthony Davis trae conversations, I don't know, man. I think that I think the pelicans told you the pelicans this is like he's just Ed into you. The pelicans told you they do not want to deal do deal with you. They do not like you're young ask. I I don't think it's happening. That right James. I don't necessarily think he needs a date like they could go out and get a guy like a Bradley Beal who opted saying Baker trade for so on somebody like Bradley Bill who is gonna have pretty much a wasted season. Extra because his best player is out pretty much all next year. Go and see if you could get Bradley Bill and have Bradley Bill on your Russell, LeBron James, and with this cast of you know, players that gonna be a year better and these shooters, that's that's not the home run. They're looking for, you know, this is a championship window is not a home run. Lebron more. So than Bradley. He's just a piece you would have to give Bradley Bill and AB seriously talking about taking advantage of LeBron's last year's and competing for championship which I can hold on. You're getting like I find it hard to believe the K will come join up with him this summer. I find it hard to believe the Golden State Warriors are going to low ball Klay Thompson and let him go. The lakers. I find it hard to believe kyri. We'll come back cross country play with LeBron again. I'm just wondering who you are getting to comb, and if AD is sort of out the window, maybe..

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