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For all of this new world is awesome yeah i of you might be telling you that man if he'll ever it's going to be magical all right well let's get into the questions because we got some really amazing stuff this week of course i that we get these questions all week long my inboxes flooded with these love knowitalls dating questions k i a at rod has a website dot com you can also send us a voicemail question as well rob has websit icon compensation voicemail thieves year that dr mike is working on sponsors for this podcast oh no i didn't know flesh lay ear oh wow talk off line about that all right here so steve in who do you want to get a started with the first question this week yes so we've got marius marius is a guy with predicament marius like mary it's like from likely miss it's alle just like we did i i just what link the mirrors first with our own now with mary s okay go on hi there i am a 36yearold bisexual mail in seattle i have primarily did women but my most recent serious relationship was a two year relationship with a man one of the conclusions i came to after that relationship at ended it was that i wanted to be with a woman longterm however now that i'm back in the dating world no woman i started seeing wants to date the after i tell them i'm bisexual in that i've had a serious relationship with a man originally i had specified in my online dating profile said i was bisexual and guy next at zero interest from women i have sensed put that i'm straight and instead of come out as bisexual to any woman i'm seeing within the first three dates unfortunately after i mentioned and bisexual no woman wants to see me again at least romantically most of the women seemed supportive when i told them but all have refused to go on another date with me afterwards one woman told me bluntly that she was sure i'd she and her with a man if we got into a relationship i will add that i've always been fully committed any relationship i've been in whether with a woman or man.

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