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Have to guess each of them has the new podcast now kevin orleans primary role as a sports broadcaster is not the podcast but i ask producer tom to get him on the show because i keep hearing about this podcast with kurt warner sh i wanna know what it's all about so capital berlin from phoenix at men my friend king kaufman who is recently of satellite radio and actually had me on his show about women in sports media but he's got a new podcast called the can't win podcast it actually focuses on losers why did you not we'll let him explain but i'd love to hear from you let's let's move away from peavy and j just a tad made it you can always have a side of peter butter and jelly but let's talk podcasts how much do you listened to podcast i think i may have mentioned that i got a long road trip coming up for christmas 1600 miles one way so both to houston and then back i will be in the car for thirty two hundred and i started to collect podcast ideas because this is what i'm going to do i don't listen to podcasts on a regular basis i will listen to them when people that i know our guests on podcast or if there is a particular topic that i want to hear more about but i i i'm kinda busy doing our own podcast and doing our own radio show and i don't have a ton of time to listen to them uh however some friends invited to me suggestions for historical podcast sir different things that are outside of sports so i'm looking forward to diving.

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