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Abortion opponents to Washington marking the Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion there's now a second U. S. case of the virus that's been deadly and spreading quickly in Asia fox's Evan brown has this live in Lisa this second case is a female patient in Chicago who got sick after returning from Wuhan China she quickly was sent into isolation care at a Chicago hospital there are other suspected cases in the US but doctor Nancy messing a at the centers for disease control says it should not be cause for panic well the situation poses a very serious public health threat he believes that the immediate threat to the US public low at this time the other confirmed case is a male in the Seattle area who also recently visited Wuhan eleven others were found to not have the virus Lisa and in the Pentagon now confirming thirty four U. S. troops diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries after an Iranian missile strike in Iraq this month America's listening to fox please three W. Y. P. C. mobile news level on the go will be forty three degrees on monument circle rain moving out east on rob county here's what's trending at one oh too much of the state will see snow tonight and it's supposed to continue through most of the day on Saturday the part of the state that's likely to see the most snow is northern Indiana I'm John Herrick yep of the snow melts would like to be a little bit higher up north with some higher confidence that the be working relations store around an inch but some higher amounts approaching two inches will be possible National Weather Service in Indianapolis meteorologists injure white and in the southern part down south we're a really expecting as much probably more closer to adopting any expects around an inch for Indianapolis and much of central Indiana John Herrick ninety three W. Y. B. C. mobile news indigo has released the numbers from the first four months of the red line service and it shows a downward trend in its first month which was free to write about one hundred and twenty three thousand people took the red line that number dropped each month after that in December only sixty five thousand people took the red line indigo says it's not a shock though historically fewer people ride the bus the eyes of a young girl being discovered by industry insider while singing to herself pumping gas one in three hundred million the house of the daughter of a clergyman from Severn Maryland spending eleven weeks at number one on the US singles chart's one ninety million the cost of going on to win seven Grammy awards one in one.

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