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It was so quick that bransdale didn't even have time to dive. So ultimately, you know, he's not had the best of games, but he's done exactly what the club needed him to do. He saw the line whenever he could have taken the ball and filled in every code. And he steps up in the biggest moment, it's called the game, which basically scored the goal, which basically killed the game, so it was far from perfect, but it was more than enough today I'd say. I'm going to disagree. Done. With NATO in that I think Erling Haaland was actually excellent today. Right. Because the game called for something different today. A call for him to be banging in between the two center backs to fight for the long ball to be played to him and for him to be able to fight enough to hold on to it to then allow Manchester City to come out. If arsenal is going to pressure, you need to find that outlet and he was always willing to at the very least make it difficult for the center back. So by the end of the game, you see gabriele on the ground, complaining about a contact with erling hall. You see center bikes at our own comfortable with him, and he's able to always create that. If you keep feeding him the ball, he's going to fight for you. He's going to be more effective for you. And he's going to be more motivated to make those runs. You continue to feed him. This guy's going to be more effective, more efficient for you as a player. I thought it was a great bathroom around for and I think in the end he was in the head of the two and a half. And we talked about it yesterday. It's not really here to battle Southampton as he in teams like it's these big games and he stepped up again, but you think about some fruit from the arsenal center halves. The last two games have played two big powerful front lines. Brentford was Burma, but more so Ivan Toney, and they struggled defensively. Today was Ellen Holland and at times they struggled with that poem on an app physicality. So that's some food for thought for saliba and Gabrielle. Gabrielle, by the way, who got lucky on top shade as well, because he got completely emotional. He gets to take. He will say, well, I was putting him offside codswallop. He got lucky. He's trying to get wrong side. He's trying to get in a fight. You get in a fight. You got to be clever as I sent a half. There's no point in getting into a brawl with the Ivan Tony's in Ellen Holland of this world, because they're going to put you off your game. You've got to just take a bit of possessions that have been great old season, but recently they're getting found out. Don Frank? Yeah, I'm with the guys, you know, I think the more you serve him, the more it's going to be useful. And I think because I followed the game, you know, sometimes I see on this body language as you get frustrated. And the day is going to be really frustrating. It's going to change, you know, something to his behavior maybe to the atmosphere as well, because they don't use him enough for me. They should use him a lot more, you know, maybe for him to get the ball, but they go around him still like the Manchester City knows how to do. They don't use him enough. And at some point, I think the guy can get upset. So it's a tight situation for gradua and I think he will have to adjust a certain at some point, you know, the way they're going to use him or ignore him. That's the main concern that I have about Alan. But that third goal was so good, wasn't it? Everything happened so quickly, but for him, obviously it happens in a way that he's incomplete control of everything. Well, I want you to first touch, I thought, and a split second. That's gone. And then before you know it, he swiped that big right leg and butter and the con. Fantastic finish, as I say, he was in a similar position wins in chanco gave the ball away that Bernardo Silva should have found him. He got frustrated actually with that and the chance was gone. But said he will play around and probably not use him as much as we think because that's the way they play, but as long as he gets his goal or his goals as a striker is going to be happy. It was surprising that he actually took that first touch. I thought he was allowing that ball to come across his body so that he can hit it with his most comfortable left foot. He takes that first touch in a very tight area and I'm thinking Gabriela is going to clean them out. But he was so quick to react. And so then you go from why are you taking the first touch to this guy's world class world class Dutch, gets away from pressure, finishes to the fire post, game set match. I'm asking all three gentlemen away from the city at the same time. Does anyone still think arsenal are going to win the title?

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